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The Fool and The Death Tarot: Combination

Fool Death

In the Tarot, the Fool and Death talk about news coming soon. Specifically, Death is sometimes seen as an innovation in life. The Fool is a card that means new beginnings and exaltation. Put them together and you will have the interpretation that this change will happen soon or could mean you need for novelty in your life.

The Fool and The Death cards often go hand in hand because both represent change: one very dramatic (Death), while the other (the Fool) means a new beginning with an element of risk involved.

They are frequently associated with changes in work, relationships, financial situation, but they also have to do with personal growth and transformation. Sometimes these two cards indicate someone’s need to stop living their current lifestyle that may not be satisfying or healthy. In this sense, the two cards can also indicate the need to take care of oneself because time is limited.

The Fool and The Death Tarot: Meaning in Love

You may feel restless now, so this time is perfect for being more active and planning things. It’s not a good time to rest your relationships. It’s the right time for both of us to move on. In addition, it could also be a new love.

The Fool and The Death Tarot: Meaning in Work

You have to make changes in your working life. Sometimes these changes are painful, but they will be for the sake of your career. You can’t continue to live your life thinking about how you want it to end without acting, you have to jump in and take risks. It could also represent a new attitude towards something better.

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Meaning in Money:

There may be a change coming regarding your finances. This is most likely an improvement, but it is not guaranteed. Try not to make big decisions right now; you may regret it later.


To conclude, the combination of the Fool and the Death cards can be very nerve-wracking, but it could lead you towards something much better.

This could represent a new relationship or a blossoming love, but it could also be about facing your fears and taking more risks in life. The next big change may never come if you don’t take the initiative and start doing something on your own.