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Fool and High Priestess Tarot: Combination Meaning

Fool and High Priestess Tarot

The Fool and the High Priestess as a combination in the Tarot lends itself to an ambiguous relationship. They can both express the desire to follow principles that fall within the dimension of the unconscious, so a strong contrast can arise between the two.

When he is with the High Priestess has to do with a person who can prove to be very important for your spiritual development. She can have very clear ideas about what she wants to achieve, and trust in one and the other can be mutual.

The combination of these two cards indicates a relationship between two souls who are very attracted to something in common, but the contrast can be extreme. You should trust yourself to undertake a better change in your life, with the help of those around you and especially this person who means a lot to your personal growth. The Fool and the High Priestess also has to do with a relationship of strong contrast. In fact, these two major arcana are very different from each other, and this is the reason their meaning can be complex.

The High Priestess represents a person who has a high degree of self-confidence, knows exactly what she wants to achieve, lets herself be guided only by reason. The Fool, on the other hand, is a follower of a more spiritual philosophy and follows principles that fall within the unconscious.

Fool and High Priestess: What does it mean in Love?

It is the arrival of a new love in your life or a relationship that is beginning to be deeper. You will be happy to deal with a constructive and calm person, but also with a determined person who knows what he wants and gets it. The relationship between the Fool and the High Priestess is like a kind of middle ground, where there are similar opinions but also many differences.

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The High Priestess card means that the other person is quite mature and has a good knowledge of himself. At the same time, she also has much to teach, but it must be she who feels ready to transmit her wisdom.

This combination of cards therefore indicates that the two people have the gift of knowledge and even to share their experiences. This pairing can be very rewarding, both in emotional and spiritual terms.

Meaning in the Work:

The future will be full of great satisfaction and success, but not only in work. Everything you do will have a positive echo in your life, even in private. In the work you will be very lucky and you will never miss anything from those around you. Your colleagues will all tend to work together with great commitment to you.

Meaning in Money:

You may receive a very interesting job proposal, something that can create not a few annoyances, but also many joys. Right now you may be in crisis, but looking at things from a broader point of view the perspective of work is very good.

We can therefore say that in money you will have a lot of satisfaction and in your current job you may have important advantages that will allow you to move forward and earn important figures.