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The Fool and The Tower Tarot: Combination

Fool and The Tower

The Fool and the Tower in the Tarot is a combination of cards that can be interpreted in many different ways. The Tower represents destruction, while the Fool points to new beginnings. It is interesting to see how these two cards, so completely different in meaning, combine to create a powerful message.

The Fool is often seen as a sign of naivety or innocence because he does not fear what awaits him on his journey. He has been taught from an early age that he may have only one path to follow in life, but that will take him to a fantastic place if he follows him diligently and seeks wisdom along the way. For most people who aren’t aware of their potential for greatness and don’t realize they’re on the verge of something wonderful with every step they take, the idea of facing endless possibilities can be crippling. However, the Fool is not worried about this and throws himself with enthusiasm without fear or reservations

The Tower represents a different kind of destruction than what most people think of when they think of the Tarot is more like “shaking things” than destroying them. When a person’s mindset is changed or destroyed, it can be just as powerful as starting over with completely new beliefs.

The Fool The Tower Tarot: Meaning in Love

These are two cards that are often seen as representing the start of new businesses, so they can mean both being single and starting a relationship. They might suggest that someone in your life is going to make changes, or you might be ready to explore something different.

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The Fool The Tower Tarot: Meaning in Work

The Tower can represent not only destruction, but also renewal or reconstruction. So, it can symbolize any kind of change that has occurred or is about to happen in the workplace. It can be the time of advancement or dismissal. The Fool symbolizes someone who hopes to start something new and different with each venture he undertakes.

Meaning in Money:

The Fool may represent someone who is optimistic that he will find a better-paid job or become rich at some point in his life, while the Tower may indicate that something has changed in your economic situation. It can represent an increase, promotion, or any change in your finances for the better.


It is important to remember that the Fool and the Tower are different cards, but they work together as a couple. Perhaps they represent two sides of an energy or concept that cannot exist without its opposite. As a combination, the two cards can help you look at a problem from different angles and can also point you to a simple solution that is right under your nose.