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The Fool and the Empress: Tarot Combination

The Fool and the Empress

The Fool and The Empress are a very special combination of tarot cards. The couple is composed of two figures that contradict each other, the Fool is represents naivety and gracefulness while the Empress represents the woman who seems to know how to keep everything under control. Any relationship between these two characters is problematic, because there is no harmony between the two cards. However, it is important to remember that without one, there is no other. The Fool needs the Empress to give structure and rules, just as she needs him for his innocence and spontaneity.

The Fool allows us to abandon ourselves to emotionality with all its dangers, but also with all the happiness that comes with it. No risk, no reward. You need to let go and give love a chance, even if it takes you into the unknown. The combination of the Empress and the Fool is often seen as strange because there is a clash between these two characters, but they can still teach us many lessons about moving forward in life and taking risks for what interests us.

The Fool and the Empress: The Match in Love

The Fool is highly compatible with the Empress, although the relationship between them may sometimes be a bit complex. There is a person who will take care of all the practical aspects so that you can enjoy your love story to the fullest. She knows how to handle every aspect of the relationship so that you have nothing to worry about. You are free to be yourself, which is all you really want. The Empress card will bring balance to the relationship by making sure it has a solid foundation and will not allow any superficiality or recklessness in your love life. Your partner takes care of everything so that you are free to enjoy his company.

Meaning in the Work:

This pairing indicates a personality that is usually described as an authority and with great leadership skills, but his love of adventure may make him look more like crazy than you would normally expect.

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If you have a new and exciting idea that could prove to be very profitable, there will be no way to stop it until it is realized. You know deeply the value of hard work and how it can allow you to achieve what you want to achieve. You need to find someone to support you along this path, perhaps because you feel pressured by your boss or someone you work with. However, if all parties involved want the same thing, then the collaboration will be very fruitful.

The Fool and the Empress are a bold combination and are always willing to make the leap in quality. These two do not hold back in the face of risk, and love to launch into the unknown with each other. The only way they know how to live is by taking risks, both in work and in love.

Meaning in Money:

When the Fool is matched with the Empress, it can indicate a creative mind that has achieved success during its life path and that is always ready to try something new. She wants to share this energy with her partner while enjoying the simple pleasures of life together. There is no need for extravagant gifts, everything you do together will be enough because there is nothing better than spending time with someone you love.