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Cups in the Tarot: What do they mean?


The Seed of Cups in the Tarot is related to the sensations you feel, your conscience and love. These cards will help you make decisions based on your introspection, instincts, and intuition.

You do not know what to choose, whether to commit or not, or what decision to make in love? For all these questions, the seed of cups is the answer!

The seed of cups is associated with the element water. This means that what the card wants to help you swim in difficult times, that is to manage all the adversities that will arise to you. The card also refers to a period in which you will have to learn new skills that you will need to make plans for the future, in order to safeguard yourself in the long run.

In addition, water can present itself as a calm, flat and relaxed element so it means that everything you experience will be in harmony, this happens especially when the cards appear upright. When instead they are overturned they recall the stormy sea, there are traumas, difficulties that block you, circumstances that you struggle to overcome.

The cups in the Tarot are very deeply linked to emotions, love, and affection. It reflects the private life of the person, social relationships, interpersonal relationships.

Cups in the Tarot: The Link with The Zodiac

In addition, they are connected to all water signs. So if your consultation is related to a person, maybe it is some of the following zodiac signs:

  • Fish
  • Scorpion
  • Cancer

The Minor Arcana in the seed of cups also speak of creativity, of dreams and desires, of everything that may concern a person’s private life. All features that you can find in the people belonging to the aforementioned signs!

But not only… Sometimes it is linked to instinct, but not always to good instinct, especially when the cards are reversed, which in this case can push you to make bad decisions. Instead, if the cards are straight, the advice is to go ahead and trust the intuition: there is no need to worry, everything will be fine.