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Death Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Death Tarot Combinations

In this article we will talk about the various combinations with the Death of the Tarot and the most common meanings.

Death is a card that we all know and that some of us fear, but it doesn’t mean what you probably think it means. In fact, when it is reversed, Death can actually become a powerful card that affirms life and represents change rather than the end! Let’s start with the basics:

In most traditional decks, death is the thirteenth card of the Major Arcana. The meaning of the Death Tarot has nothing to do with physical death, but rather with a journey from one stage of life to another. The Death card does not represent a literal death or anything like that, it is just a symbol of change and transition.

In its most traditional sense, Death shows that change is coming. It may be the result of your own actions, for example, you or someone else may have provoked it through an act of recklessness. It could also be something that is completely out of your control but either way, there has been some sort of great loss or upheaval and this cannot be avoided. Let’s find out now what are the various combinations with the Death card in the Tarot.

Death Tarot Combinations: The Fool

A young person is going through a very important change. What they were before no longer corresponds to who that person has become and this will soon be clear to him. In love the relationship is about to change and will become more serious. It also means the end of a friendship and the beginning of a love story. In the work, a project that has just begun will need all your attention and commitment from now on.

Death Tarot Combinations: The Magician

This is the change you’ve been waiting for. You are finally able to take your destiny into your own hands and achieve your goals. Your creativity will flourish in all areas of life. In relationships you may experience a moment of passion with someone before continuing on the path of an important commitment. In work, this change will bring success and recognition.

Death + The High Priestess:

This change will lead to a rebirth of your personality or spirituality. Maybe you have lived under the influence of someone else’s ideas for too long and now you need to find your voice and start living life more authentically. In relationships, the other person is going through an important transformation that allows you to see them in a new light. In the work, you will be able to apply your skills and creativity in a new way.

Death + The Empress:

You will be able to express yourself more easily in the world without feeling guilty or fearful. As for relationships, this could mean that you’re going to take the lead in a relationship, especially if you’ve let someone else do it until now. In the work you are doing something that matters and that has a real impact.

Death + Emperor:

This card represents a change in authority or hierarchy. You could go from being the boss to being the subordinate or vice versa. In relationships, this is a transitional period that will benefit both sides but until it is over neither side will get exactly what it wants. In the workplace, you have a new job that requires more responsibility and you are very good.

Death Tarot Combinations: Pope

Follow your heart because it is useless to try to convince yourself of the opposite. You have to be true to yourself rather than trying to follow the rules or what others say is right, you will feel much happier if you do. In relationships, this is a period of restriction and limitation but it is only temporary so do not lose hope yet. In the work, an important project is finished and something new is about to begin.

Death Tarot Combinations: Lovers:

A separation of some kind is going on between two people or two groups of people. The relationship or friendship that is ending was not good for either side and some kind of compromise will have to be reached before it can continue. In business, a project you were working on has come to an end and a new one is starting.

Death + Chariot:

This represents an important change of direction or position. You could move house or move to a new country. In relationships, this change may have been your idea and therefore the other person is free from all guilt. However, you may still feel guilty and if so, try to work on it instead of denying it. In business, you will soon be at the head of a project that requires new skills but you already have them.

Death + Justice:

This is a moment of balance and balance in your life. There will no longer be taking one side against the other for now, you have to find a middle ground and make peace with your situation. In relationships, this card symbolizes the end of an argument or quarrel and it is even now! Now both sides need to work together to solve everything that is still outstanding. In the work, you will be able to deal with more important issues rather than arguing about who is responsible for what.

Death + Hermit:

You need a break! You are about to quit your job or completely change your career and if you continue, it will be too stressful and you will be unhappy. In relationships, the person you’re going through phase with a lot of stress and this is affecting your relationship for the worse. You need to give him some space to sort things out on his own. In the work, maybe there are too many distractions that occupy your time?

Death + Wheel:

The past has come back to haunt you. You can no longer escape your problems or responsibilities because they are catching up with you very soon! In relationships, the person you’re with has a problem that’s about to reach boiling point, and it will be difficult for everyone involved to handle it all if it happens. In the work, your boss knows what is happening and is watching carefully, pay attention to how you move.

Death + Strength:

This combination represents a challenge or a fight against something. In relationships, you need to fight for your current partner because he is going through a difficult time and may not have clear ideas at the moment. You’ll need to give him a lot of support if you want things to work. In business, this means that a new competitor has emerged and is ready to compete against you.

Death + Hanged Man:

You are afraid of change and try to avoid it at all costs. You lose your way or make bad decisions because you’re not paying attention to everything that happens around you, which in turn results in problems for everyone. In relationships, the other person no longer wants to work with you so you need to understand why and solve it. At work, you are not able to make important decisions because you think you do not have all the necessary information.

Death Tarot Combinations: Temperance

You’re torn between two choices and you can’t decide. It’s time to take the first step to make a decision instead of postponing everything until later. In relationships, it is necessary to talk about it, otherwise nothing will happen! The person you’re with needs your support more than ever if they’re going through a difficult time. In the work, there is a new proposal on the table and you need to make a decision as soon as possible!

Death + Devil:

This is very bad news. You have behaved badly and now your friends and family will turn their backs on you because of this. In relationships, this card represents infidelity or distrust between two people who are supposed to support each other. The person you’re with might cheat on you if things don’t change. In the work, someone is trying to take credit for your work or use it to their advantage.

Death Tarot Combinations: Tower

You made a mistake and now it’s time to admit it. Things will be difficult at first but once you’re honest about what happened, things can get back to normal. In relationships, the person you’re with is angry with you about something and needs time to calm down before talking to you again. In the work, you messed up something that you should have taken care of properly.

Death + Stars:

You feel very down about everything: your life, your choices, the situations in your life. Maybe it’s time to take a break and have some space for yourself before making any changes or impulsive decisions? In relationships, you’re making a choice that you disagree with for whatever reason. At work, your career is going through a bad time and it may be time to take some free time to put your head in place!

Death + Moon:

You are hiding something or someone. There is a problem and you want to keep it hidden, but doing so would create additional problems for everyone involved. In relationships, the person you’re with has deep secrets that they don’t want anyone else to know. In the work, a new colleague is not clear about you. If you don’t find out what it’s combining could cause problems in the future!

Death Tarot Combinations: The Sun

This is a time to enjoy life and what you have. It’s a happy time and everything seems to be going the way you want. In relationships, you feel good about the person you’re with and everyone around you thinks it’s great! You have to enjoy this period while it lasts because nothing is forever! At work, you’ve just gotten a big contract and you’re financially safe for a while.

Death + Judgment:

You are very critical and judgmental of everyone around you. You need to let go of the past because what is done is done. In relationships, you are not able to move forward with this person until you overcome your anger towards him for something that has happened in the past! In the work, you have just started a new project that looks wonderful, but may be too much for you to tackle on your own.

Death + World:

This is the end of a cycle in your life and means being at peace with yourself and with what happened. You can’t change the past so let go and move on! In relationships, you have done everything you can for someone who does not appreciate it. This person is not important to your life and it’s time to move on. In the work, things may close or you may lose a client.