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Devil Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Devil Tarot Combinations
Devil Tarot Combinations

Today we analyse the various combinations of the Devil’s card in the Tarot. The card in question reminds us of the dark and primitive forces that are within us. It appears when we are looking for something to appease our desires, no matter what they are.

When the Devil appears in a tarot stand, it can mean that there is an overdeveloped desire in his character. This manifests itself in one of the following ways:

  • The desire to dominate others can be attributed to this card. Maybe your partner doesn’t know how to express themselves emotionally and you start saying things for him because you can already guess what he’s going to say, or maybe this card appears when you have a lot of power over others.
  • An excessive will for something, even at the expense of other aspects of your life.
  • A person who does not know how to lower his energy and vents it against those around him with words or actions, with the intention of dominating them.
  • Excessive desire to be admired or well-liked, even for things that are not worthy of admiration.
  • Someone who spends too much time and energy on what others think and neglects their emotions.
  • A person who spends too much time thinking about how to please or impress others.
  • Excessive need for attention, even if this means doing things that we would normally consider bad or wrong.
  • Among the most negative aspects is that it is a sign of temptation, through which one can easily fall. This card can be linked to addiction.

Let’s find out now what are the meanings of this card in combination with the other Tarot.

Devil Tarot Combinations with the Fool: Find Your Way

This combination is a representation of fear. You are afraid to take the path you have chosen, but at the same time you try to convince yourself that everything will be fine. Maybe you think life couldn’t go well if it were otherwise. Fear prevents us from seeing reality as it really appears before our eyes, or at least only in certain situations.

The Fool is also afraid, so sometimes they come together to help each other get out of the situation they both find themselves in.

Devil Tarot Combinations with the Magician: Manipulation

This combination is a representation of temptation and seduction. It is when you are easily manipulated by your impulses and desires without thinking about what is right or wrong at that moment.

The magician could be the victim of this influence, with the devil using his powers to impose his will using seduction and distraction. Sometimes the Devil believes that what he is doing is right, but he is very unaware of what he is actually doing.

This combination warns us not to take the path of the least resistance, and reflect on the direction we choose in life.

Devil + High Priestess: Know yourself better

The strength of emotions that comes from this combination is not always a good thing. You can get too involved in your feelings without stopping to evaluate the situation from a logical point of view. This could lead you to make bad decisions.

The High Priestess is the mother of creation, but she also has great wisdom. He can be an example to others through his behaviour and way of thinking. Sometimes she is tempted by the Devil, but in the end she manages to control herself and achieve her goal with clarity and knowledge.

Devil + Empress: Seduction

The combination of these two cards is a warning that you are under the influence of a seducer. This may be someone who is trying to have a relationship with you, or perhaps one who wants more control over your life.

Since this is a downside, try not to let your emotions get the better of you and instead use your intuition to guide you in the right direction, away from temptations.

Devil + Emperor: Abuse of Power

This is a warning that someone could use their position of power to influence others, luring them into an unhealthy relationship. This person does not always realize what he is doing and therefore it will not be easy for the other person to go through this situation.

Devil Tarot Combinations with the Pope: Obsession

This combination can represent someone who is obsessed with another person or an idea. Sometimes he doesn’t realize what he’s doing and there’s a certain amount of manipulation involved. This influence could also be linked to behavioural problems.

Devil + Lovers: Ignite your passion

This combination is a warning that you are in the grip of an irresistible passion. You must try to be careful not to get lost in your feelings and give up everything for this person. This influence could lead you to commit actions that go against what you believe in and who you really are.

It is important to try not to get lost in passion, as there is always a risk that your actions are dictated by emotion instead of logic.

Devil Tarot Combinations with the Chariot: Driven by Temptation

This combination means that you should try to avoid being manipulated by someone who has an emotional hold on you. Try to think carefully before making any decisions that could have negative consequences in the future.

Devil + Justice: Manipulation

In this combination, there is a warning that you have been manipulated by someone who wants to control your thoughts and actions. You should not allow yourself to be taken astray or to think badly of those around you because of the influence that this person has on you.

Devil + Hermit: Temptation without limits

This is a warning that you have been pulled in a direction where temptation will be your only guide. You must try to put your feet back on the ground and not let yourself be blindly indulged, even if at this moment it seems fun to you.

Devil + Wheel: Illusion of Wealth

The Devil can represent someone who can deceive you about what he has to offer. You may be dealing with someone who is taking advantage of you because they know you will believe what they say. This person may also have no intention of giving you the real benefits that come with having it around.

Devil + Strength: Reproached Temptation

This combination warns that someone is trying to get something out of you through deception. You should use your knowledge to defend yourself and distrust the motivations of this person, otherwise you run the risk of making his intentions come true.

Devil + Hanged Man: Self Sacrifice Manipulated

This combination is a warning not to fall victim to someone else’s will, even if it seems that you are worrying. You have to realize that this person will not give you what you want, and may even try to convince you that something harmful to your life is actually a good thing.

Devil + Death: Manipulation of the Subconscious Mind

It warns against a danger that comes from within rather than the outside. There may be a problem with the way you are thinking about the world around you, which could lead you to make hasty decisions without considering all the possible consequences.

Make sure you can look at things rationally before letting your emotions take over. Otherwise, this person will have too much control over your actions.

Devil + Temperance: False Lighting

This combination warns that you may be led into a trap. Someone is trying to convince you that they know what is best for you and will lead you to an outcome where they will have more power over your life. Make sure you don’t fall into this person’s tricks and find your balance between work and fun, otherwise you may end up sacrificing the best things in your life.

Devil + Tower: Deceptive Ambition

When the Devil appears with the Tower in a reading, it means that you are too ambitious. Try to slow down and re-evaluate your life so you don’t miss the things that really matter.

Devil + Stars: False Fulfilment

This combination is a warning that you may deceive yourself about what you need. You may have your priorities out of place and chase something that doesn’t meet your deepest needs, even if it seems like it would be perfect for you right now.

Devil + Moon: False Hope

You may think that someone understands you, when they are actually trying to take advantage of your weaknesses. This person may be willing to appear as if it makes you happy, but after the initial excitement wears off, it will become apparent that it is not something you can build a future on.

Devil Tarot Combinations with the Sun: False Joy

This combination warns that you are putting too much trust in someone who can make you happy. This person may have good intentions, but if they are unable to maintain a level of enthusiasm for your relationship, they may end up unpleasantly.

Devil Tarot Combinations with Judgment: False Beliefs

You may not see the truth about certain things because a part of you is hiding from the world. You may be involved in a dangerous group, addiction, or unhealthy lifestyle that you don’t want to admit to others or yourself.

Devil Tarot Combinations with the World: False Reality

This combination is a warning not to let your life become too artificial. You may think that you need to perpetuate a certain image, but if you are too preoccupied with maintaining this falsehood, then it will be impossible for you to find happiness.