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Emperor Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Emperor Tarot Combinations

In this article we will analyze all the combinations with the Emperor of the Tarot of Marseille. This card can be seen as a card of great power, strength and even balance, so let’s analyze how it contrasts with the other Major Arcana and how it reinforces their meaning.

The Emperor + The Fool:

The Emperor symbolizes domination, power and ambition. Furthermore, the Fool tries to be free from all obstacles and to have no limits to his possibilities. These two cards are very compatible when they appear in a stretch it is because they represent the balance between the desire for material security (Emperor) against the search for spiritual freedom (Fool). In love, it indicates a very balanced relationship with affection and mutual respect. As for work, however, it would be a great incentive to achieve success, but not at any cost.

Each time the Emperor appears in a pose with the Fool, it reinforces the positive aspects of the Fool’s personality and helps him become more balanced. It will help him find a balance between reason and intuition.

The Emperor + The Magician:

This combination, they represent a person who is trying to achieve something great and will do anything for it. In love, both seek the stability of a relationship based on common values and shared ideals. In the work speaks of a very ambitious person with high expectations.

The Magician is the most appropriate for this type of reading, because he too seeks greatness in his field and that by virtue of his great talent, he will reach it. The presence of the Emperor strengthens the energy but does not control it. They are two people who know how to achieve their goals and cannot settle for anything less than the best.

The Emperor + The High Priestess:

In a reading in which this combination appears, they represent a person who is very wise and that his wisdom has allowed him to realize himself in many areas of life. Calm and patient, he knows how to find the right solutions to problems. He is a person who knows how to manage power and prefers to maintain harmony in relationships.

In love, he is very happy to have found an understanding partner who respects differences, but instead of simply tolerating them, he tries to understand his passions and tastes without letting himself be dominated by them. In work, he speaks of great stability and security, with constant profits.

The Emperor + the Empress:

This is one of the best combinations that can appear in a reading about love because it indicates a great emotional balance between two people who know how to be patient and tolerant of each other. It is a combination that speaks of comfort, satisfaction and an ideal relationship for those seeking stability.

The presence of the empress strengthens the emperor’s energy, but does not dominate it. For this reason, therefore, it is a very harmonious combination for love or relational readings in general, thanks also to its stability and mutual compatibility. In the work, the Emperor of the Tarot of Marseille may indicate that you will have to decide between two options of equal merit, which could generate some anxiety until the final decision is made.

The Emperor Combinations with The Pope:

In a reading, she indicates that the consultant should listen to the advice of her family and the elderly because it will be good for her in the long run. These cards may indicate that you need to seek advice from a person older and wiser than you then.

In a reading of love, the presence of the Pope in the combination of these two cards makes a balanced and stable relationship because it also represents the family. In work, this is an indication of great stability and economic security, with constant profits.

The Emperor Combinations with Lovers

The presence of the Lovers in a reading reinforces these cards because it represents a great balance between reason and intuition, spirit and matter. This combination indicates that you should listen to your heart in love because it will guide you well in life to achieve success. If you are starting a business or working on another project, this combination of cards advises you to move on because everything will be fine.

The Emperor + the Chariot:

This combination instead refers to a person who is not used to losing and if he is against someone or something stronger than him, he will be able to successfully overcome it thanks to his determination and willpower. In relationships, this combination indicates that the consultant is very demanding in love and has a clear idea of what he wants. This person would also be able to face and solve problems without worrying too much, because he knows that this will help him find peace within himself. In work, on the other hand, he talks about the possibility of a promotion or a salary increase.

The Emperor Combinations with Justice:

The combination of the Emperor and Justice indicates that the consultant is very good at his job and is surrounded by people who are loyal to him. He has a great sense of responsibility in the workplace, knows how to manage his team well and it is possible that over time he will become their leader. The combination also indicates that this person analyzes everything in depth before making decisions.

The Emperor + The Hermit:

It is possible that this person is very successful in life. He will be able to achieve his goals thanks to hard work and perseverance. However, his strong personality can put obstacles in his relationships with other people if he does not realize how much they care about him.

The Emperor + The Wheel of Fortune:

Here we are talking about someone who likes to take risks. He is very ambitious and therefore does not have much patience for what he considers trivial problems. These characteristics can lead him to a professional crisis if he is not able to control them, but in the long run they will allow him to achieve great success.

The Emperor + The Strength

These combinations refer to an individual who has very dominant personality traits, he is usually well respected by his peers because he works hard for it. He is usually not one who compromises or shares power, preferring instead to take control of the situation. In love, this person is very demanding and it will be difficult for him to maintain healthy and lasting relationships unless he learns to treat his partner with more respect.

In the work, however, we are talking about a very ambitious character who has at least two or three professional projects going on at the same time and who has very little tolerance for mistakes. It’s not that this person doesn’t have passion or even talent for his job, but maybe he prefers to fail rather than have to admit that others are better than him.

The Emperor Combinations with The Hanged Man

The combination of The Emperor and the Hanged Man indicates a person who is very proud and who will never agree with anything if it does not bring him any benefit. He can be quite selfish in his decisions if he feels that others are trying to manipulate him. This person may also have some difficulty in expressing their feelings for other people.

The Emperor + Death

When the Emperor and Death in the Tarot come out together, one could refer to forced changes,such as a sudden and unexpected career change. This person may find it difficult to adapt to the new circumstances but over time he will be able to learn from his mistakes and overcome them, thus achieving great success. In love, this combination indicates that the consultant is not willing or unable to fully engage because of fear, which can lead him to break off relationships with someone who may be suitable for him.

The Emperor Combinations with Temperance:

Here we refer to someone who is a little too confident and who does not care much about people’s opinions when making decisions. He often appears arrogant to others, but he can be trusted because he always keeps what he promises over time and without fail.

The Emperor Combinations with The Devil

This combination indicates a person who tends to fall in love too easily and too quickly. He is usually not very demanding, but he becomes jealous when things start to get serious because he wants his partner to devote himself completely to their relationship. However, it is not a healthy relationship and will not last because the lack of patience of this person and the ease with which he falls in love will prevent him from going far.

The Emperor + The Tower:

This is a person who has been hurt in the past and therefore believes that he cannot trust anyone. This can lead him or her to turn people away before they have a chance to hurt them. His work will suffer because of his lack of concentration and because he will not be able to get along with others, but if he finds a partner who is patient, understanding and trusts completely, then there is nothing that can keep him in other areas of life as well.

The Emperor + The Stars:

Here ambition is the master, and the person in question is someone with a great need to be admired. If he is successful in his career, then everything else will fall into place and he will feel fulfilled.

The Emperor + the Moon:

It indicates the expectation of perfection from oneself and others. There is a deep state of hatred when things are only done halfway or not according to certain standards. In love, the person in question is very romantic and kind-hearted but also reserved.

The Emperor Combinations with the Sun:

The most positive combination of all. It indicates a person who has a great sense of direction that leads him to success both in love and at work. It is not at all easy to make him lose confidence in himself because he feels that he can do whatever he puts in his head. He knows how to take responsibility for things, not only in love but in all aspects of life.

The Emperor + Judgment:

The combination of the Emperor and judgment in the Tarot indicates a person who has many responsibilities and is therefore very organized. Whether at work or in love, he/she will approach each new thing with great attention and seriousness.

The Emperor + the World:

The person in question is a leader, but he does not always take the lead because there are other people who can do it better than him. He must be in complete control of the situation, whether it is work or love. His outlook on life tends to be quite pessimistic, but great things can be expected if he manages to achieve his goals.