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Empress Combinations: Complete Meanings

Empress Combinations

In this article we will discover the meaning of the combinations with the Empress of the Tarot. This is one of the most important female figures in the deck and that is precisely why it is able to influence all the cards that come out later. 

The Empress + The Fool:

This combination between the Empress and the Fool is a particularly important and stimulating combination. The Empress is sitting on her throne, holding a scepter and wearing beautiful clothes, bringing peace and prosperity to anyone she meets. There is an air of joie de vivre surrounding this couple: they are friendly, happy and pleasant. He is an adventurer in search of challenges and she is able to provide him with everything he wants, thanks to his eminence and power.

In love, they represent the union of two souls, with great empathy and understanding. It can be a passionate relationship between an older woman and a younger man (the Empress is mature and experienced, while the Fool is young and looking for experience).

The Empress + The Magician:

The combination of these two cards indicates that you can get anything you want if you believe in yourself. It is the couple formed by the person who is willing to go ahead and resist against any obstacle, with someone particularly powerful (the Empress). In love, this combination represents a loving and empathetic relationship. At work, you will have the opportunity to meet a person who can help you in your career.

The Empress + the High Priestess:

The connection of these two cards indicates that your intuition already tells you what to expect in terms of success and fulfillment of desires. A certain serenity prevails, since you know what you want and how to get it, and there is a vast ocean of patience within you. In love, it indicates that you are deeply empathetic towards your partner and can support him in any circumstance. In the workplace it is a sign that you should trust your intuition and prepare for a satisfying future.

The Empress + The Emperor:

This combination means that you are able to materialize all your desires, as long as they are realistic and practical. You don’t even need to be in a hurry, so take your time before making important decisions. In love, this combination predicts a stable empathic relationship with someone eminently powerful that provides you with the confidence you need to succeed in life.

Empress Combinations with the Pope:

This combination indicates that you are surrounded by great friends and family who support you and also that you can count on the help of wise people. In love, this is a harmonious and empathetic relationship with someone eminently practical and eminently generous.

Empress Combinations with Lovers:

When these two cards appear in combination, it means that your actions and goals in life may not be clear but there is no doubt about the general direction you are heading towards. You have a lot of confidence in yourself and can achieve anything, as long as you believe in your abilities. In love the Empress in this combination predicts a relationship in which there is a lot of understanding and collaboration.

Empress Combinations with Chariot:

This combination means that you will be able to materialize your desires against all expectations, with ease and effortlessly. You are at the crossroads of great success. In relationships, everything starts to move but it takes time. The cards are telling you that the important thing is not to lose patience.

The Empress + Justice:

These cards suggest that if your reason is true and you know how to explain it correctly, no one will be able to stop you. You can count on the support of those around you. If there are people who do not understand your efforts or why you take this path, they will surely come to appreciate them later. As for your sentimental situation Your heart is at peace, you are serene and happy. In the workplace, on the other hand, you are tired of always giving priority to others over yourself.

Empress Combinations with The Hermit:

You are at a crossroads in your career. It’s time to leave the past behind and move on. You’re looking for someone who can help you move forward, but you can’t find that person within your current network or social circle. You should broaden your horizons and meet new people, because they will offer you opportunities that you did not even know existed. The relationship with your partner will be strengthened by this time of solitude.

The Empress + The Wheel of Fortune:

A new lucky cycle is starting for you. This card promises a boon or a stroke of luck that will allow you to make progress on a professional level, or an unexpected financial gain that will allow you to make a change for the better. You will be able to carry out the projects you have been talking about for a long time. As for your love life, it’s time to move forward without fear.

The Empress + The Strength:

The time has come for you to do what you’ve always wanted to do, but were afraid of. Your home environment encourages you. If you’re in a relationship, it’s as passionate and loving as ever. If you’re single, you can expect to meet someone soon who will make you lose your mind. At work, you need to maintain a balance between your private and professional life. Otherwise, the risk is that everything will go astray.

Empress Combinations with The Hanged Man:

During this time you have to guard against being too passive or hesitant, which may prevent you from being able to realize your true potential. There are some fears that hold you back, but if you let yourself be carried away by them it will hinder your path. These cards are telling you to no longer let the past weigh on you and to do what you have wanted to do for a long time. As for your love life you have the ability to be the master of your feelings and your destiny.

Empress Combinations with Death:

It’s time for you to leave your comfort zone. The cards suggest that you need to break with your habits, daily routine, and drive away people who make you feel like you’re stuck in a routine. You can escape this negative cycle by living more intensely, moving forward, even if it is difficult at first. As much as your love life, you have to let go of a relationship that has become harmful and embrace true love.

The Empress + Temperance:

It’s time for you to find your center again after a period of emotional confusion. The path you follow must be a path that comes from within, not imposed from the outside. You need the help of someone special who will allow you to change your life. It could be a lover, a best friend, or a family member. But in any case it is someone you trust and who encourages you to accept the changes in your life. You can make this decision without feeling guilty or blaming yourself.

The Empress + The Devil:

If you want to get out of a situation that has become unsustainable, it’s time to put an end to the bad habits and emotions you’ve tolerated for too long. You can no longer make excuses or lie to yourself about how things are going. It’s time to get rid of the toxic people who have poisoned your life. In the love sphere it could indicate that your partner has been too possessive or that your relationship is based more on fear than on love.

The Empress + the Tower:

It’s time to take a leap to radically change your life. Transfer, emigration, inventions, new professional projects are possible. If you’re in a relationship now is the time for big changes. A successful career but also a new love. Unprecedented opportunities are opening up for you, so the only thing left to do now is to take action.

The Empress + The Stars:

All areas of your life are currently favorable except one, which could be related to health. Everything else looks good now and will provide you with plenty of opportunities to follow your heart. If you’re single, love is on the way. You may experience a connection with someone who stimulates your mind and gives a new direction to your life. As for your work, you will receive the ideal conditions to follow your dreams and aspirations.

Empress Combinations with the Moon:

There are some fears that have kept you from living life completely. Inner emotional conflicts make you feel confused and vulnerable to external influences. Try not to give in to uncertainties because they will only make things worse. In the field of love, if you are single there is the possibility of a new relationship that could be very special and lasting. If you’re in a relationship, try to reconcile with your partner before it’s too late.

The Empress + The Sun:

All areas of your life are currently very favorable. You can expect great success in all your projects and emotional stability that will allow you to enjoy life much more. Your health is good, but make sure you take care of yourself well enough that you can continue this positive cycle for as long as possible. Love is coming and if you are already in a relationship it is time to be happy together again.

The Empress + The Judgment:

It’s time to take your personal finances seriously and see them as your sole responsibility. In love, on the other hand, you have to stop making unrealistic demands and set your goals on what you can really achieve. If you’re single, don’t be afraid to make contact with the people who catch your eye now. But if you’re in a relationship, try not to hide behind delusions of grandeur that are actually quite destructive.

The Empress + The World:

All the main areas of your life are positive right now except one, which could be family or health. However, you should be aware that even if something good is happening you cannot avoid the need to continue working on your goals to really achieve them. In love, you will have a new relationship that could represent a significant change in your life.

Empress Combinations: Conclusions

In a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, the Empress Tarot is the perfect tool to help you clarify your future. The Empress is a symbol of stability both in love and in work, as well as the opportunities that are on the horizon. As we enter an era where traditional career paths seem less viable than they once did, the Empress’s Tarot can be even more valuable if they give us an idea of the new possibilities. So we hope this article has helped you find some important tips to find your way. If you want to tell us yours you can do it in the comments!