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Fool Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Fool Tarot Combinations

Combinations with the Fool’s card usually improve the meaning of the card that is next to it. The association with air is not accidental, as this card often represents new beginnings or changes that can be frightening for the person pulling it out. When exploring the meanings of the Tarot of the Fool, consider how each correspondence could give rise to a new beginning for you.

Below you will find an in-depth analysis with all the combinations with the Fool, in this way you can have a clearer answer based on the question you asked the cards.

In general, the Fool’s Card suggests that you can trust your instincts and that the new paths will be successful. However, some of these matches also highlight the fool’s weaknesses and possible pitfalls. This is why it is important to have a general view of what your future projects will be and thanks to the suggestions of the cards make the best decisions.

What distinguishes this card from the others is precisely the fact of representing the journey of life, the latter is also known as the “Journey of the Fool” that crosses all the major arcana to be able to reach the World, or success and happiness in every aspect.

A quick look at the most common Matte Combinations:

  • The Sun, when it represents hope and optimism.
  • The Moon, when there are unclear feelings about a situation.
  • Temperance to combat any type of addiction.
  • The Tower that represents the end of something old and the beginning of a new path.
  • The Hermit when you need advice on your future plans or if you want to change your
  • The World for a happy ending
  • The Strength in the face of your fears
  • the Wheel of Fortune when you have to make important decisions.

In addition, the Fool is associated with all other minor Arcana cards that represent periods of change or opportunity.

Below are all the combinations with this card: