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Judgment Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Judgment Tarot Combinations

What are the meanings of the combinations of the Judgment of the Tarot with the other Major Arcana? In this article we will find out just that. Judgment is a card that represents an important message to send or receive. It refers to the past, how something ended and what the conclusion was.

So it is very important that this card is interpreted correctly, otherwise there will be a domino effect on all the following cards. So let’s find out what the meanings are!

Judgment Tarot Combinations with Fool: An important message is sent

This card represents an important change of perspective. An event has just happened that will affect the rest of your life, making you rethink everything you’ve done so far. You’re on the verge of something really big! This is what happens when someone gives us unexpected information that makes us want to change the whole course of events.

Judgment Tarot Combinations with The Magician: There Are Conflicting Messages Everywhere

The message that is sent may not be the right one, the sender may have had bad intentions towards you or did not really know what he was doing. You have to be careful with the advice you accept because otherwise everything will end in an unpleasant way.

The Judgment + The High Priestess: a surprising message from the past appears

It is someone from your past, or someone you knew very well, who is communicating with you. It might be good news, but it could also be something bad. In any case, this message has been sent and no one can stop it. You must therefore understand what its purpose is.

Judgment + The Empress: a newly discovered element in your life

This is the element that has always been missing… Something you didn’t even know you were looking for. A situation that will change everything! It’s like finding your purpose in life after so many years of uncertainty!

The Judgment + The Emperor: a change in your family environment

A person who has long been absent from your life will return. The meeting will be happy and beneficial for everyone, because this person is very influential! A new project will be completed after much effort and you will finally enjoy the fruits of your labour.

The Judgment + The Pope: a situation of trust and intimacy

A trusted person will tell you something that many others have known for a long time! You will feel isolated, but at the same time more connected to society. Your intuition will be intensified and your energy levels increased!

Judgment Tarot Combinations with Lovers: a new friend or a love story!

An important friendship that is about to begin with someone you have known for a long time. He or she may be slightly different from the usual, but no less interesting! You’ll love the relationship because it has many ‘first times’ that are fun and exciting!

The Judgment + The Chariot: get ready for a journey full of new experiences!

You will receive sad news, and at first you will be surprised and then relieved. You will start a new work project that may require more effort than usual, but the end result will be worth it all!

Judgment Tarot Combinations with Justice: an unexpected help from someone

Someone you don’t expect will come into your life with a kind offer of help. It is an offer that comes completely suddenly, but you should accept it. At first, it will be hard, but later things will become easier!

The Judgment + The Hermit: A new perspective!

A situation will benefit from a new perspective. Try to see things from the point of view of others, not just from your own! The more you engage with others and communicate, the easier it will be for everyone and the situation will evolve in your favour!

Judgment + The Wheel of Fortune: A sudden change in your self-image

You will be attracted to a person who is very different from you. This has never happened before! But the difference doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s all part of growing up as a human being. You are evolving!

Judgment + Strength: A new friend or lover!

You will meet someone who is different from you. He or she likes what you like and can agree with your plans! This person has a positive energy that will help you reinforce the changes in your life!

The Judgment + The Hanged Man: avoidance of new experiences

Some people around you may be moving in a different direction! They could change jobs, social circles or even relocate. You may find yourself alone in a situation that only last week was full of people!

Judgment + Death: A new path to take

There are two roads ahead of you, both good in their own way. One path will make the other irrelevant, but only for now. Be ready to make a choice, but don’t worry too much about it! Whatever you do is fine!

Judgment Tarot Combinations with Temperance: A New Beginning

This is the best time to try something new! You’ll have good luck doing anything that requires discipline and planning. This can be a job, a hobby, or even just trying a new place to eat! The only rule is that it must be something you’ve never tried before!

Judgment + Devil: An intense emotional situation

You will feel pulled in two different directions, each with its own positive and negative aspects. You will find yourself constantly changing your mind on which path to take! Don’t worry, though, things will work out for the better! Just get rid of any guilt you have for it.

Judgment + Tower: A sudden end of something

An end is near. If you are unhappy, this is the time to change and do something new! You will soon discover that this end was actually a beginning. A new life full of beautiful things is coming now that the old is gone!

Judgment Tarot Combinations with the Star: The end of a long journey

The end of a phase and the beginning of a new one! Whether it’s the end of a relationship, a job, or anything else that has bothered you for a while, know it’s been worth it and now you have a fresh start ahead of you!

Judgment + Moon: Life seems unfair at the moment

People are not fair to you. They are avoiding you, they are saying things behind your back, they are ignoring what you have to say. But don’t worry! Just remember why you do what you do and let all this pass over you. Things will get better!

Judgment Tarot Combinations with the Sun: Honesty is the best policy

Being honest isn’t easy, but it’s worth it! People will respect you more for being open about your feelings and thoughts! It may turn out to be more difficult than expected, but in the long run you will see that everything was necessary.

Judgment + World: An important period

You are going through a very important period. It is a very special period that will affect the rest of your life. Try to enjoy it and learn from it! It’s not a dress rehearsal!