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Lovers Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Lovers Tarot Combinations

In this article, we will analyze all the combinations with the Tarot Lovers. Lovers are an important card that talks about our choices in life, whether we like it or not, in fact no one can escape the powerful engine of love. The way we decide to choose makes a difference in our lives, even if we may not like it at first. This card is one of those that has a lot of subtlety and that allows many possibilities of interpretation. So let’s get started:

The Lovers Combinations with The Fool:

An unexpected romantic adventure. A flirtation with someone who is not part of your usual circle, which could lead to an unexpected love story. For the job instead, it means that there is the possibility of a commitment with a new project or idea, but be careful because it could prove risky.

The Lovers Combinations with the Magician:

To make the best choice in love, you should rely on your intuition and trust your abilities, but remember that even if miracles are possible they do not happen by chance. Maybe there is a person you like, but you are shy and find it difficult to talk about your feelings. If you’ve found someone who makes you happy, don’t let your fears stop you from telling them how you feel. In the workplace, a new partnership or contract with a powerful person could make you happy.

The Lovers + The High Priestess:

A new love interest might come from an unexpected source, but it could be wrong if you’ve already made a commitment to someone or something else. In the work, however, there is the possibility of a collaboration with someone highly qualified.

Lovers + The Empress:

A new love will bring you joy. This card also advises you to listen to your intuition before making important decisions regarding money, because there is a risk of being scammed if you act with your mind and not with your heart.

The Lovers + The Emperor:

This card indicates a happy love, but it may be threatened by a strong person from your past. In business, you may make a wrong decision that costs you money or time.

The Lovers + The Pope:

If you want to be happy in love, then listen to the advice of those around you, especially family and friends. On the other hand, if you are already busy, it is essential not to neglect your partner because he may start looking for affection outside the relationship. Also, this card warns that you should be careful when dealing with your money because you may end up losing it.

The Lovers + The Chariot:

When it comes to love, this card can indicate that you will get or have already achieved what you wanted, or at least a positive sign that leads to a good result. In business, this is a lucky card that can result in a new contract or project.

Lovers + Justice:

There is a chance that you have done something wrong in your relationship, and it may come to light soon. In business, it could mean that an investigation will lead to the revelation of errors.

Lovers + The Hermit:

This card is good for love because it means mystery and secrecy. If you have a secret admirer, maybe you will find happiness with this person. On the other hand, if you are looking for love, perhaps you should stay away from people seeking commitment or involvement because it could lead to disappointment. In business, this card speaks of a partnership that may have been formed recently and that could have short-term benefits.

Lovers Combinations with The Wheel:

This card often indicates a wedding or a big celebration, but it could also mean that you are wrong in your relationship if you have been looking for something unattainable, it all depends on the situation you are experiencing and it would be appropriate to listen to your instincts. In addition, when it comes to work, there may be changes in the direction of the company.

Lovers Combinations with The Strength:

This card means that love is entering your life and someone will bring warmth and affection. In business, it is a sign of success and growth.

Lovers Combinations with The Hanged Man:

It could mean that the person who left you could come back and you will be given another chance to try to make your relationship work. On the other hand, if you are looking for love this card indicates that there is someone special in your life but that there are obstacles in the relationship, so it would be wise to remove these barriers.

Lovers + Death:

A relationship that has to end will end, no matter how bad it hurts. On the other hand, this card could mean a breakup, but there may be a new love in your life later on. In business this is a bad card because if you have worked or done something risky for someone, it may leave you to face the consequences.

Lovers Combinations with Temperance:

You will find love and it will be good for you. These changes could also extend to your work life where you may receive help from someone close to you (a friend, partner, or family member).

The Lovers + The Devil:

A strong indecision between two people could make you suffer or feel insecure. On the other hand, if you are looking for love, then this card means that your relationship is in danger because of the strong personality of someone you like. In the work, this is a bad omen due to an unexpected problem that may arise.

The Lovers + The Tower:

In a relationship, this card means that one partner is cheating on the other and could end up being caught. In the work, it could mean that you are going to find yourself in serious difficulty due to an unexpected event.

Lovers Combinations with The Stars:

This card is a card of clarity and hope, so if you’re looking for love, it may be on the way. On the other hand, if you have found love, then this card can mean that things will improve or smooth out for you. It also represents the desire to build something special with loved ones. In business, this card simply means that your company will be successful in the near future.

Lovers + the Moon:

It shows a confusing situation because everything is hidden or unclear. If you are looking for love it could indicate uncertainty and indecision in choosing someone you like. Even in business, this card represents a lack of clarity and secrecy.

Lovers + the Sun:

This is a strong statement that indicates that if you are looking for love then you will definitely find it and it will be good and lasting. In business, there will be an increase in production that could lead to further growth.

The Lovers + The Judgment:

It represents a new beginning in love and in life. In addition, if you are looking for work, then this card indicates that you may be offered an important position or task.

Lovers + The World:

You’ll get everything you’ve ever wanted in terms of love and work, but it could also mean that at the end of the day there may still be doubts about your relationship.