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Magician Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Magician Tarot Combinations

In this article we find out what are all the combinations of the Tarot Magician with the other Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Magician card in the Tarot of Marseille is one of the most famous Arcana. It has been analyzed by countless psychics and tarot readers, interpreted in books and movies and used for centuries both to predict the future and to find answers to the mysteries of life. The card is full of symbolism that can be interpreted in many different ways, but generally represents creativity or intelligence, usually related to mental acuity or intelligence.

Tarot Combinations: Magician + Fool

Fool is full of optimism, having thrown himself headlong into life. This card represents a need to move forward, without dwelling on the past or thinking too much about the future. The Magician’s energy is more rooted, concentrated. Once he has made his decision, he does not hesitate to act. When combined in this card, these two energies produce great ingenuity and inventiveness of ideas.

This pair of cards, if drawn in a love reading, can indicate infatuation. The innocence of the Fool and the intelligence of the Magician are both qualities that one individual may find attractive in another person. This is a combination that brings good luck, as the energy of the Fool will push the Magician to think outside the box.

As for work, it can indicate that you are about to embark on a new and exciting opportunity. The energy of the Fool will push the Magician to think outside the box and be innovative.

In the financial field, however, the card of the Fool and that of the Magician can indicate the need to be cautious and attentive. While these two cards represent success in business and creativity, they also carry with them an increased risk of failure. The Fool may not be attentive enough to his actions and make bad decisions, while the Magician may undertake projects that are too risky.

Tarot pairings: Magician + High Priestess

This is a very fortunate combination and represents a deep understanding between two people, based on trust and mutual respect. The Magician takes care of the details, while the High Priestess has an intuition that allows her to act immediately.

Combined into a love reading, this combination can mean a marriage or a lasting relationship. In terms of career, it represents an excellent position of responsibility. In fact, the intuition of the High Priestess gives the Magician additional ideas and knowledge to reach conclusions more quickly than may be possible without his help. This combination could also indicate great success in business, as the Magician will be able to act thanks to the influences of the High Priestess’ card.

In a reading about the family, this card represents a happy home full of mutual love. In the family environment you have similar values and communicate in a way that is easy to understand, which will facilitate any difficulties that may arise in the future.

Tarot Combinations: Magician + The Empress

This pairing represents fertility, new life and action. The Empress is the mother of the world, so her energy flows into everything she touches. The Magician has just what it takes to satisfy the woman of his dreams, acting quickly and efficiently with charm and intelligence. Combined into a love read, it can mean an almost perfect love story or a marriage if it is supported by other positive cards.

In the career sphere, this card represents success and luck in any field of activity, as long as there is the right interaction with people. The Magician suggests that you might receive an inheritance or personal gift that you could use to assert yourself in business or with customers.

In the financial industry, the cards indicate a good time to take risks and decisions that could bring you quick and high gains.

Tarot Combinations: Magician + Emperor

This combination indicates a person full of energy and enthusiasm. The Emperor brings authority, discipline and efficiency while the Magician adds an innovative touch to everything he does.

In a stretch of love, it represents a good time for romance. You have what you need to seduce and conquer the person of your dreams, so it’s up to you to make this moment last forever.

As for the work aspect, the Emperor will be able to effectively manage all the projects undertaken by the Magician. This is because he has knowledge and experience in his field, while the Magician may not have a clear vision of what needs to be done.

In a familiar reading, this card represents a man who is dominant in the house and may be trying to control his partner. He needs to learn that love is not about power but rather about sharing and that he would work to build a more stable and happy relationship.

Tarot pairings: Magician + Pope

The combination in question represents a meeting of ideas and knowledge. The Pope has a vision, based on his research and studies, that he shares with the Magician.

In a love reading, this card represents a loyal and committed partner who is completely dedicated to those he loves. He will not allow external factors to interfere with your relationship and will do everything to protect his loved ones from harm. In the workplace, it indicates that you will receive help from people who have greater authority than yours. You can also expect to benefit from your partner’s influence and support in the form of advice or to have access to certain resources. Finally, as far as money is concerned, it is a period for setting financial targets and maintaining them.

Tarot Combinations: Magician + Lovers

The union of these two cards will allow you to be guided by your heart in all things, especially when it comes to love. This card means that you can expect clarity and certainty about your romantic life because you are listening to your heart that is pointing out to you what is really important.

In the field of work, this combination could represent a promotion based on your knowledge and skills in your field. You may appear in public or you will find yourself in a position where you can show what you know. On the financial front, it could mean that your earnings depend on your ability to win people over with your charm and expertise rather than with inappropriate ways of doing things.

Tarot Combinations: Magician + Chariot

Among the pairings with the Magician in the Tarot, the one with the Chariot in a disposition of love represent a dynamic couple with ambitions in their respective fields. They will go out of their way to find success, pushing each other when it comes to achieving their goals. In relation to your career, you can expect a major appointment or promotion that will allow you more freedom and even more opportunities to shine.

In the financial sector, this card represents money that comes from unexpected sources. If you invest it wisely, your earnings may multiply over time.

Magician + Justice:

In a love read, you can expect a long-term relationship that will be built on trust and cooperation. This is because the Charter of Justice reflects a person who will make sacrifices for the people he cares about without expecting anything in return for his efforts.

When it comes to work, the Justice Charter shows figures of authority or people in high positions of power. This card represents an opportunity to climb the corporate ladder, but not before you have shown what you are capable of.

Magician + Hermit:

This combination may indicate a strong father figure who will play a key role in your new project. He may be working on some projects on his own, but he will let you do what you need while he keeps his distance for the time being.

In a reading about love and relationships, this card represents a loner or someone who prefers to spend his time in isolated activities (such as reading or studying) instead of socializing with others. If your partner is like that, it may indicate that there are serious trust issues between you.

Magician + The Wheel:

The Wheel of Fortune is one of the most positive cards in a reading, as it reflects a change that will take you to a better place. The wheel is also representative of karma so any bad experience you’ve had in your life could be balanced by positive experiences.

In a loving arrangement, the pairing of the Magician and the Wheel indicates that you are in the process of rebuilding your life after a period of sadness or despair. Your relationship can be considered ‘reborn’ and will require the active participation of both parties to succeed.

In the workplace, however, the two cards may suggest that your career is advancing much faster than usual, but you will have to be careful not to be too distracted by all these changes.

Magician + Strength:

This is a gentle card that represents the fullness of life. It can mean an influential person in your career or it can simply be a sign that the universe is trying to tell you that you need to pay more attention to your needs and desires instead of constantly putting others first.

In terms of love, this combination could come as a very welcome surprise. This person could be someone who has been thinking about you for a long time without daring to make the first move.

Magician + Hanged Man:

Such a combination may indicate the appearance of an obstacle in your career, such as a person who is trying to block your progress and at the same time keeps something on your head. If you are not careful, this person could cause problems of some importance to your reputation.

In love, this card describes an irresponsible person. This could be your partner if he continues to hide the truth about some aspects of his life.

Magician + Death:

In a love reading, this card represents an unwanted change. Even if your partner may have gone through a period of re-evaluation in his life, he will not be prepared to hear the truth about what you really feel for him.

If it is the work that brings this combination into a reading, then you will have to put aside your feelings to complete a certain project.

Magician + Temperance:

This card reflects the need for moderation in all things, including love and work. If you are not careful, your life may spiral out of control due to certain circumstances that will be out of your immediate control.

In a work or career reading, this combination may indicate a merger or acquisition, but it can also represent the need to diversify your interests and explore new possibilities.

Magician + Devil

This combination represents an unfair situation in work or career-related matters. Someone will try to take advantage of you without you knowing.

In love, this card can indicate a deceitful person. The devil is all a deception and an illusion, so it may be time to ask yourself if your partner’s affection for you is real or just a play.

Magician + Tower

This combination can represent a sudden breakup or a relationship that has gone down the drain very quickly. You will have to be careful not to let your pride and ego hinder a possible reconciliation.

In work, this card may indicate an unexpected job loss. If you’ve let your social life take priority over your professional life, now is the time to change before it’s too late.

Magician + Stars

The Star Card represents emotional satisfaction and fulfillment.If this card comes out in a love reading, be open to receiving love even if you haven’t thought about it before.

If this combination is related to work, then there is no need to be alarmed. This will be a propitious time for all your plans and ambitions

Magician + Moon:

The combination in question may indicate job loss in the immediate future, so you should prioritize your financial obligations before doing anything else.

In love, the Moon represents confusion and doubt about oneself in all its forms. You should ask yourself “who is this person I’m in love with? Do you have the same feelings for me?”

Magician + Sun:

If you wish to make a decision about something in particular, the Sun chart represents clarity. You will know exactly what you want and how to get it.

This is a great combination for a love read. This combination indicates that you are on the way to finding happiness and your soulmate.

Magician + Judgment:

The combination in question represents an important moment of change, whether it is something small or large. You will need a lot of effort to meet this challenge.

In love, the combination of these two cards represents a future marriage or a commitment. If you’re looking for a new love, it could be an indication of a serious next relationship.

Magician + World:

These cards represent the purpose and closure after facing a big obstacle. If you’re struggling with the idea of moving forward with your past, this combination will give you that little boost that will finally help you do it.

In love, the combination in question is great. In fact, it indicates a newfound happiness and contentment in all things: work, love, social life, etc.