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Major Arcana Tarot: Meaning

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana in the Tarot are 22 cards that represent the life lessons that must be learned to develop one’s soul and build one’s character. They are the instruments with which destiny expresses its laws on our existence, so they must be understood and internalized to have a real meaning.

These Arcana represent the vehicles of transformation of our consciousness. The energy that allows us to transform character and life in a nobler direction. The cards take on a much deeper meaning when they are combined with the Tarot of the Minor Arcana (with the four seeds).

Major Arcana Tarot: The Journey of the Fool

Major Arcana Tarot The Journey of the Fool

In addition, the Major Arcana tell the story of the Card of the Fool who crosses the path of life and that overcoming one Arcane at a time turns to the final one of the World. That is, the success of every goal and desire that our soul has set itself during the earthly journey.

When a Major Arcane appears in a stretch, it means that there will be very important events in our lives, which in the right measure will make us live a significant moment. This is a decisive step that will change the flow of our path.

The Meanings on the Straight and reverse

The meaning of each of them could then change, usually upright these are positive cards. When they appear reversed, however, they can indicate something that will have to be solved, and that it is necessary to face everything with a certain determination.

It is significant to remember that cards only give suggestions. They do not give a final and definitive verdict, this is information that will help you better interact with your thoughts and emotions.

However, many factors must be considered to understand the deeper meaning of the arcane. In fact, the situation and position in which they appear is never accidental. They may want to give you important advice in response to the question you asked. For this, you must always try to be honest with yourself!