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The Temperance Tarot: Meaning

The Temperance Tarot

The Major Arcane number 14 in the Tarot is Temperance. This card represents inner peace and self-discovery. He wants to tell you that you should ultimately take some time to reflect. This card represents regeneration and rebirth after Death, since it is still the card that follows.

The temperance card shows an angel at the top supporting two amphorae, these pass liquid from one to the other, a symbol of balance. Card number 14 in the Tarot wants to tell us that we want to remember where we were before and where we could have arrived, and then take care of it. His message is also to reflect, not to underestimate anything, and to be attentive to the dangers that are presented to us.

This card in the Tarot also speaks to us of change. In fact, Temperance is precisely the first step after Death of which we must remember how we were and from there take a new path to continue to rise again. In addition, it also wants to tell us not to be afraid of novelties and to be able to accept them serenely because we just have to think about our future.

Temperance in the Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

This card talks about balance in any area of your life. As for love, it indicates a stable relationship whose purpose is mutual support for a better future. As for work and money, it shows you how to achieve financial well-being. That is, you will be able to find your peace even in work, the problems, and misunderstandings you had with a boss or a colleague will disappear, managing to find mutual support. Obviously, even if applied to the theme of health, this card would indicate the same thing: balance and cohesion that lead to the stability of every aspect of your life.

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So speak of a period in full harmony, in which you will find inner peace and be able to reconcile with yourself. This card can also suggest calm and serenity that you will feel in the relationship with yourself and with others. The only aspect you won’t find will be a major change in your life, so if you were engaged in something important, you’d better hold on to it because it’s a card of stasis and not sudden changes.

Meaning in Love:

Card number 14 of the Major Arcana says it’s time to find yourself. At this point, you have two alternatives: either you accept your mistakes and rebuild your life with love, or you prefer to continue to pity yourself without wanting to change anything. This is exactly what the Temperance card wants to tell you, that is, only you can decide your future, so think about it. Are you brave enough to start walking on a new path?

Temperance in the Tarot tells us never to settle for less because at the end of the day you will only be unhappy with this choice. In this transition period, you can’t expect a significant change. You must first start with the internal changes to be able to see those around you.

In conclusion, it is time to close some chapters and open new ones. Let go of the mistakes of the past and take courage because only from there will you start a new story!

Meaning in the Work:

When the temperance card appears upright in a field of work, suggests that it is time to be cautious. You should not take unnecessary risks or try something that you have never done before, especially if it is related to money, for example investing in a business project about which you know nothing.

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The card speaks of reconciliation and negotiation. This means that some misunderstandings have occurred between you and your colleagues, and it’s important to fix them before they lead to bigger problems.

Temperance in the Tarot: Meaning of the Reversed Card

The Inverted Tarot Temperance

When the card comes out reversed, it has the same meaning but on a negative note. That is, we are always talking about a phase of stasis, but in this case it will be stagnant, so everything that happens will bring boredom and if it is a problematic situation, it will not be resolved in a short time. So it is a card that can also announce a period of no with regard to work or health, which lasts and never seems to come to an end.

You will have to find the patience to endure these moments, everything in life is a phase and as such it will pass. Try to be patient and relax, because even if everything went wrong, it does not mean that you will stay that way. Of course, the only thing to do would be to wait without doing anything, in fact, the card number 14 in the Tarot wants to tell you that the only way to get out of a period will not be to wait.

Meaning in Love:

Reversed, the Temperance card speaks of an emotional block. The problem is that you are too attached to something or someone, and it’s time to cut yourself off. It can be a relationship that has soured or maybe it’s just the love you feel for your partner or your family, in short, it can be anything related to the sentimental field.

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Meaning in the Work:

At work, the card warns against false friends. You have difficulties with your colleagues or bosses, and they want to sabotage you. Beware of people who are just claim to be your friends because they are looking for opportunities to make you fail.