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The Justice Tarot: Meaning

The Justice Tarot:

Justice in the Tarot of Marseille is the Arcane Major number 8 and is represented as a woman holding a scale with her left hand, a symbol of sacred judgment. The forehead of this Arcane reveals its profound wisdom and seems to be turned to heaven, the card also indicates the passionate character of Justice awakened from old habits and set out towards good. The card indicates fortitude, a strong and decisive person, highly adamant about his choices.

This card is very beautiful because it reminds us that we are all actors in our show. We decide the role to be assumed and put it into practice, Justice does not make mistakes or judge you, it simply symbolizes your choices.

What makes this card particularly touching is its gesture in which it holds a scale in which it weighs the actions of each one to know if it is necessary to apply justice or if it is not worth judging.

We must remember that the scale is often used as a symbol of balance. Arcane number 8 warns us that even with a single evil action, we can compromise our whole life. Only good deeds are able to save us from something negative.

The Justice Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

This card is suggesting you to pay close attention to the choices you will make, everything that will result will be the result of the path you have taken. You have to be honest with your person, you can not make fun of yourself, as well as the people around you. You have to see things from an even more altruistic point of view and look only at the common good, regardless of your personal needs.

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This way, you can achieve unexpected results and move on to a better version of yourself!

Meaning in Love:

In love, the meaning of the card is to accept others exactly as they are, without looking in them for the justifications and the reasons for one’s own uncertainties. In this way, you will be able to understand the reasons of your loved one and be able to overcome the problems that still divide you.

Meaning in the Work:

In the workplace, the card of Justice invites you to always act with full respect for others! You must understand that there is not always a winner and a loser among your collaborators and that your choices must be motivated solely by the desire to achieve peace among your collaborators and not for personal advantage!

The Justice Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

Justice Tarot Reversed

When the card comes out in reverse, however, it loses its meaning and underlines all your weaknesses. It indicates that there are situations that you would like to face but that you do not have the courage to govern, you are afraid of something, and you do not feel strong enough.

Feel the time as appropriate to face the situation and see reality for what it is, without being influenced by what others think! You should ultimately stop and try to regain control of your life. You are much stronger than you think, you should get involved to prove it to yourself once and for all! Likewise, you might be surprised…

Meaning in Love:

When the card comes out in reverse it means that over the next few days you should make decisions, the moment is important and everything can change. You have to face your weaknesses if you want to have the right strength to change your destiny!

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Meaning in the Work:

There are things that you cannot take all lightly, some require a lot of effort and care to be carried out. Of course, it is always difficult, but the reverse card can be a useful indicator, if only to understand what are the situations that are not really essential and that you can do without! If you already know your real value, this card can show how important it is to give the right weight to the things that interest you.

To conclude, we can say that this is a card that we must not take lightly and that we must consider carefully, every choice we make will have an impact on our lives!