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The Strength Tarot: Meaning

The Strength Tarot

The Strength in the Tarot is the Major Arcane number 11, a card that has recently been rediscovered and reinterpreted by many artists.

Strength is the desire to build up the existing self, but here too we must be careful not to make the mistake of self-centredness: if we get what we want only by beatings or other primitive methods, then we have lost the final path that should lead us to our success.

This card is also linked to the spirit of sacrifice and the will, both demanding qualities for the activations they can give us. A desire to dominate others or impose one’s own will is also indicated, but it should not be forgotten that this characteristic can turn into pride. Full control over all actions should always be maintained.

For this reason, we can say that the strength in the Tarot is one of the most peculiar and complex archetypes. The image of the paper is centred on two elements: on the one hand we have the personification of strength, the figure of a woman trying to tame a lion that symbolizes the fundamental energy that animates each of us; this allows the jaws to open as a sign of trust, thus speaking of inner strength and self-confidence. Rather, it seems that he is chasing the best way to realize himself.

The Strength in the Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

The Strength card offers many meanings associated with this complex archetype, but we can say that it is above all primordial energy. It also shows us how we should realize ourselves, a firm determination and an awareness that will help us to improve ourselves.

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However, it is also the image of the will:it is an active and enthusiastic archetype. We work on our self and for its part the will dominates our desires, our fears and our intentions (including that of grasping the lion with all our strength). If we could see this woman as a divine symbol, it would be Cybele, a Goddess who dominates the world and everything around it.

The Card of the Strength upright is the image of a strong woman who embodies femininity: she performs an action and looks ahead, despite the difficulties. So it expresses greater determination and energy, but also the positive aspects of courage (to face any obstacle) as well as good luck and the will to win. It is therefore a card with very positive aspects.

Meaning in love:

In love, the archetype of the Strength lets us know that the relationship is in a positive phase, with a lot of energy and enthusiasm that help both partners to overcome any obstacle created by the conditions of daily life. The cards that surround it can help us understand if this will be a long relationship or not.

In a reading, the Strength card often comes out as a sign that you must continue to do what you are doing and not be discouraged by what is happening around you. It is a card that encourages us never to give up in the face of the difficulties that life puts before us, but also to have courage in the face of difficulties.

Meaning in the Work:

In the workplace, the Strength card is a very positive message, indicating that you are at a stage where you can increase your energy and enthusiasm, taking advantage of your efforts to overcome any obstacle you may encounter. It indicates that it is time to be at your best and to give the best of yourself in what you do.

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The Strength in the Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

The Strength Tarot

The reverse Strength card is the image of a woman facing a difficult path. In reality, the lion is not connected to us and therefore can make us think of someone who resists in the realization of our self. While the straight version of paper makes us think of something positive, here we are dealing with obstacles to overcome on the path to inner strength.

In these circumstances, Strength can take away from us what we have built with so much effort, or even deprive us of what we had. It should not be forgotten that the lion is a wild animal, very strong and large. However, this also wants to be reassuring: against this power you do not have to fear because you have within yourself the strength to face it and come out victorious.

The card of the Reverse Strength turns into a progenitor of power, as if we were facing situations that we can not escape, unfortunately. In these circumstances, the lion can represent someone who is afraid and therefore hides his inner strength. However, we must remember that the important thing is to understand our limits without being discouraged. The feeling you have here is of lack of confidence in yourself and in others, but you must not lose heart. Everything will be fine if you commit.

Meaning in love

When the card appears upside down in a stretch of love, it indicates that the partners are strongly united, but they must be aware of their limits and not try to dominate. If the relationship was already established, this may indicate that there is a need to improve the emotional relationship, creating stronger bonds.

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In one reading, the inverted Strength card can indicate that you feel weak and that the obstacles that life puts in front of you make you frustrated. If this card appears, it is important to understand that you need to find the strength within yourself. It makes no sense to try to be strong on your own because it won’t bring you the courage you need. Maybe it’s time to ask a friend for help or find the company of another person.

Meaning in the Work:

In the field of work, it shows that you need to be more aware of what is happening in your environment. If you are not, this can affect you in a negative way. It’s time to try to be more aware of what’s going on around you because then you can overcome the obstacles that they will undoubtedly put in your path. If you are not able to do this, you will have more difficulty completing your tasks.