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The Sun Tarot: Meaning of the Card

The Sun Tarot

The Sun in the Tarot is card number 19 of the Major Arcana. This card indicates to us that we finally see the light of the revolution, everything that previously gripped us and was obscured by darkness (as in the Moon) is now finally clear. The Sun with its flames calls all the elements together, its rays illuminate us (intuition) and its light becomes more and more intense. 

The Sun in the Tarot therefore marks a step forward and finalizes the path we have followed so far. It is an invitation to look at reality with new eyes and to discover its meaning. With the Sun we see a period of new beginnings and intense activity, love and receptivity. It is a time of new hope and joy (happiness), which can be linked to:

  • A desire for understanding, which comes from the conviction of having achieved a great goal;
  • The motivation that accompanies the new self-awareness and that allows us to consider ourselves in a new light;
  • A need of the outside world that comes from our greater happiness.
  • Be aware of our limitations and accept them in the face of the needs of others;
  • The need to recognize the importance of not taking everything too seriously.

The Sun in the Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

When the Sun in the Tarot comes out in positive the meaning is very simple, finally we can see the light, our path becomes bright and clear. Our labors have not been in vain and we can finally get what we wanted.

Meaning in Love:

Speaking of love the Sun in the Tarot is a fairly positive card; in fact, for those who are single it means that they will finally find someone with whom they could take an important step in their lives.

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The sun also strengthens the bond and channels the energy in harmony between the two partners, without those small misunderstandings typically human.

Meaning in the Work:

This is always if we are in a good working situation. In fact, even our work becomes bright and clear, as well as all the goals we have had so far. We can also strengthen the bond with the collaborators of work towards whom we suffered in the Moon in the Tarot.

Meaning of the Tarot of Sun in Money:

From an economic point of view, the card speaks of good income and a stable economic situation. In fact, the efforts we have gone through in these weeks will be rewarded and now we will finally have all the economic freedom to which we have so much coveted.

The Sun in the Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

The Sun Tarot Reversed

When the Sun in the Tarot comes out negative, there is no need to worry, but things could be a little more complicated. The obstacles we have overcome, and the sacrifices made so far, can constitute a kind of block that does not allow us to proceed and therefore life becomes difficult.

Everyone should pay attention to their situation when the Sun in the Tarot comes out in negative. This could mean that we are not “taking the rays” and therefore doing nothing to deserve progress, or even that we have made a wrong choicer than we should have done.

It is important to remember to “enjoy the light”, but without disdaining the dark night of emotions and introspection: both are necessary. That is why this card should be considered very positive.

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Meaning in Love:

In love, if the Sun comes out in the negative, it can mean that we need some tricks to be able to see things clearly. Perhaps we are distracting our thoughts too much and no longer have the lucidity to see all aspects of the situation. We are also not expansive, and this makes us seem indifferent to the people who love us.

Meaning in the Work:

In the work, you may find it difficult to move and manage the goals set. Maybe we require a change in both projects and habits. Perhaps we should start working better and harder to get what we want.

Meaning in Money:

In the field of money, this negative card can indicate that we need to push the accelerator a little more to be able to achieve the desired results. Perhaps we are not investing enough for our future, and therefore we are not even taking the necessary steps to improve the situation.

To conclude, it is important to remember that the Sun is a very positive card, both in the tarot and in real life. Everything worth it requires effort and patience, but it’s not free. We all have our problems from time to time, but they are temporary things that pass by themselves. The future is bright, if we make a little effort to build it.