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The Tower Tarot: Full Meaning

The Tower Tarot

The Tower in the Tarot is a card with a very powerful meaning, destructive in some ways. It is the Major Arcane number 16 and represents forced change, something unexpected and not always so positive. This is a card that speaks of what is wrong in our lives, this meaning comes from the shots of the image on paper.

The Tower also represents the inexorable authority and its consequences. This card often deals with serious and profound issues, such as death, but they are never frightening. The understanding of the literal meaning is rarely described correctly, as it is understood without thinking about its aspects. So when we talk about symbolic death, it means that there is no guarantee that life will continue in the same way after a certain event.

This card can be used as a warning to change our habits because it could lead us to negative events. It can also indicate our judgment of others. For the consultant, this card recommends paying attention to the way he decides to use his resources. In addition, it also has a physical appearance, such as possible earthquake shocks and moments of danger.

However, the Tower card is not always negative. It can also represent a positive change that stimulates the success and ability of the consultant to achieve their goals. The card also indicates new opportunities, potential to do great things or travel away from your usual daily routine. If you face obstacles in life, you should be determined to solve them without ever giving up.

Tower in the Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

This card may indicate a rupture of the relationship. On other occasions it could indicate a divorce or the end of a romantic relationship. This card indicates that everything that will happen is the result of presumption, arrogance and wrong behavior towards the person next to you, probably your attitude is destroying many important aspects of your life.

As for the job, it could indicate a loss of money or a job change that you don’t like. So you will have to be ready to solve the consequences for daring to go through the difficult moment.

Meaning in Love:

This card indicates that you need to channel his energy and efforts to build your ideas and not waste them in conflicts with the people who love you. He also says that we should always keep an eye on what we want and never let something or someone stops us. We all know that relationships are like a roller, so it’s important to maintain good communication with your partner. The Tower in the Tarot can also indicate that someone you love will retire because of some of your actions.

Meaning in the Work:

This card represents a job change or a very ambitious project. You need to be determined and focused to overcome the obstacles you are likely to face. You should also make sure that your self-interest does not affect your professional life, which must always come first. Not only that, but you should be careful what happens because everything could end up being changed without your approval.

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Tower in the Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

The Inverted Tarot Tower

The reversed card indicates that you have just broken a relationship, it can also mean that love has not returned at all or that you are working in the best possible way to prevent a change from happening. The card announces that you can put all the effort you want but that you will not be able to stop this imminent change that does not depend on you, so you will have to accept it instead.

It also often means that you will be the one to change your life unexpectedly. This eventuality could be good and bad at the same time. Chances are, you need a very strong incentive to take this entirely new step. In addition, there may be obstacles to overcome.

Meaning in Love:

The reversed Tower in the Tarot indicates that the relationship is about to end. It could also mean that you are in a position where you need to make a decision about your partner or lover. You will need to be very clear with yourself and not let anyone influence your decisions.

This card says that you should do everything in your power to:

  • Resolve a dispute with someone near you
  • Reconciling a relationship
  • Attempt to repair the damage caused by your words and actions during that discussion or disagreement

Meaning in the Work:

In the workplace, you’re likely to have trouble accepting changes at work. You may find yourself being very stubborn on certain issues because of some of your personal interests and ideas. You’ll need to be more open-minded and ready to consider the opinions of others, or you’ll risk seeing relationships with your colleagues deteriorate further while you’re getting nothing at work.