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Minor Arcana Tarot: Meaning

Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana in the Tarot refer to the secondary events of your life, that is, to everything that happens every day. Their meaning is very powerful but unlike the Tarot of the Major Arcana it is temporary. In fact, some last only for a short time after reading paper, others for a few days or weeks. The meaning of the Minor Arcana will help you to be aware of these small adversities. In this way you will be able to hold them better and you will be able to govern their influence in your life.

No need to expect great miracles or advice from these cards. These are above all very small daily events that you should not underestimate. On the contrary, these can be changed according to the actions you will take to manage a certain event.

Minor Arcana Tarot: Meanings of the Cards

The Minor Arcana are divided into 56 cards consisting of 4 suits each. Let’s talk about the Wands, the Swords, the Denarii and the Cups.

  • Wands: They refer to new ideas and insights, to the initiatives you can take, to new forms of energy.
  • Pentacles: They symbolize money, labour and material goods. Everything that is therefore linked to your earthly and unspiritual well-being.
  • Swords:They represent your behaviours towards the outside world, especially the events you would like to undertake.
  • Cups: They symbolize introspection, your thoughts and feelings. Even if they concern your inner world, these cards can still positively affect your life in a significant way thanks to their advice.

The combination of Minor Arcana and Major Arcana is very important because together they have the power to make you understand what exactly is going on in your life. The Major Arcana will talk about important life lessons. While minors will help you understand the context and make decisions that will help you achieve your goals.

How do the stretches work with these arcana?

If so many Minor Arcana appear during the stretch, it probably means that your days are very chaotic, that your world is changing but you are not ready and that you are very busy with the practical issues of life. If, however, despite these are full of events, your mind remains clear then you will be able to manage everything calmly and move forward. The real problem is when rational thinking is removed from the vortex of a confused and restless mind that does not know what will happen in tomorrow, or suddenly throws you into a great whirlwind of unexpected facts.

Then to be able to manage daily events, you will have to start with the actions or facts that are easier to manage in order to put a first brick on the road that will lead you to a better tomorrow.

Keep the positive spirit to face the daily difficulties that will come and you will be able to manage everything with ease. Only recognize everything that is positive, and do not listen to the little voices in your mind that could make you agitated. Look at negative events from the point of view of opportunities and take the best of them because it will never happen again. The cards of the Minor Arcana are perfect to help you in this type of path because they can give you very deep advice.