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Eight of Pentacles Tarot: Meaning

Eight of Pentacles

The card of the Eight of Pentacles in the Tarot speaks of a moment of courage. You have decided to make a change in your life and now you want to get involved as you never thought you would do before. You want renewal and you don’t want to miss any opportunity. It will be difficult to get through this moment without giving up, but you will make it! Work, study or learn everything you need, these are all very important steps that will bring you closer to your final goal. You will feel a bit like a cyclist who sometimes has to stop to regain his strength to be able to finish the long and difficult marathon!

Eight of Pentacles: Meaning Upright

The card speaks of a great dream to be realized, you want to get involved and give vent to all your skills. Don’t think about money because your goal is to fulfil yourself as a person, to do things you enjoy. It’s a great turning point, it’s as if you’ve moved to a higher level of awareness, on the surface everything seems simpler and you can build the foundations of your success. You are fully aware of the difficulties you will face, but you do not fear them. You are a person who has always faced challenges and this is no exception, thanks to your stubbornness and the great desire to get back into the game you could achieve unexpected results.

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Eight of Pentacles Tarot meaning in Love:

You have decided to get back into the game, and the loves of the past may return. It is important that you have a good dose of determination, enthusiasm, and fortitude. Without all these qualities and without commitment you will not solve the problems you have in love relationships but rather, you will create new ones.

Meaning at Work:

Need a breakthrough with your job and don’t know where to start? This is the card that tells you that if you want to leave behind the old habits you have to get help from colleagues, you can find someone to confide in and give you comfort.

Eight of Pentacles in the Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

Eight of Pentacles

The card is talking about a moment when thoughts assail you. You would like to have control over the events that happen around you, you lack the strength to fight. You are looking for something without being able to find it, even if you know that you have little time left to achieve success. Try to find yourself, you don’t have to be assaulted by anxiety. You are a combative and determined person, you are simply looking for the courage to change things. Maybe you are too strict with yourself, give yourself a break and recover those forces that you thought you no longer possessed. You may be surprised at how great your potential is, don’t let insecurity take over, you’re a capable person, go ahead and don’t give up! If you feel tired and lacking in strength, perhaps you should slow down a bit. Don’t constantly think about problems, explore your feelings so that you understand them thoroughly.

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Meaning in Love:

You want to commit yourself but you do not know how to do it, you are in crisis because of what you are going through. Perhaps it has always been difficult for you to have a serious relationship, and the time has come to become aware of it. The only way to start overcoming the problem is to face it without hesitation, otherwise you will never get out of it.

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Meaning in Work:

Surely you feel depressed for some reason, you are going through a stalemate where everything seems to be at a standstill. The moment is difficult but do not give up, the solution is to work without ever stopping until you see the results.