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Nine of Wands Tarot: Meaning

Nine of Wands Tarot

The Nine of Wands in the Tarot indicates the need for perseverance, and that a very strong reason could be what it takes to move forward. The identification of the reason can help to remove the feeling of helplessness and not to perceive possibilities of choice. All is not lost, indeed often the paper brings to attention the truth and what must be said in order to pass through a difficult period.

It is a good card that marks the strength of feelings and their expression: acting according to the heart turns out to be very positive, do not hesitate.

Nine of Wands Tarot: Meaning upright

When the card appears straight it wants to tell you that you are at the end of your journey and that finally your dream is about to come true, but you will have to be patient and roll up your sleeves because there are still small challenges to face but in any case everything will end for the better.

Meaning in Love

It’s a favourable period for the couple and any project that sets in motion will be crowned with success, although you will have to wait awhile before getting what you want. In fact, it may happen that your partner does not feel ready to do well, or that due to some hitch things do not go as they should. Don’t panic, it’s all normal, sometimes things only happen when the time is right.

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Nine of Wands Tarot at Work

It is a sign that everything is going in the right direction and that you will be able to conclude your tasks in the best possible way, even if you will not have to do anything but try harder. In fact, nothing will be given to you and unfortunately there will be difficult days to face, more than anything tiring, but the hard work will be rewarded and you will find some serenity!

Meaning in Money

This is a great card in terms of earnings, if you need money, all you have to do is rely on your ability to solve to get what you want. Just pay attention to the people around you and make sure no one wants to take advantage of you.

Nine of Wands Tarot: Meaning on the reverse

Nine of Wands Tarot

When the card is reversed it means that you are still going through a difficult period and that the way forward is clear but you may have some problems in putting your thoughts into practice. This indicates that you need to be stronger and more determined, there is still work to be done, but in the end it will be worth it.

Meaning in Love

This is a period that promises to be difficult for the couple, although you will have to be more present and show yourself dedicated to the relationship, otherwise you risk suffering due to a distancing of the partner. Try to find a certain balance, increase communication and clarify disagreements. It will do you good.

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Meaning at Work

Take time to reflect before making any decisions about your work. It will not be easy to bring everything to completion but try to pay attention to the people with whom you would like to collaborate, you never know how they can react.

Meaning in Money

It is a time of difficulty in financial terms, try not to make hasty decisions and question yourself if you believe you have done everything possible to get out of this situation. Sometimes the investments will not be profitable or there will be unexpected exits, weigh well how you will spend your money.