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Queen of Swords Tarot: Meaning

Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords in the Tarot represents a woman who is able to firmly manage the various problems that life offers her. She is a woman who has within her the strength of a warrior and is not afraid of struggles. She wants only what is legitimate, and to her belong all material, spiritual and tangible goods. Sometimes she can be stingy or greedy, but generally she is very generous because she loves to give, even if she hardly accepts gifts. Its spontaneity means that the young man cannot resist it, and therefore this attitude often leads to rupture. The Queen of Swords is a passionate and courageous lover, but if her man is not worthy of her trust, she lets him go without wasting precious time on sudden revenge.

The Queen of Swords belongs to the most fearsome female universe that exists: the independent woman, sure of herself, determined to achieve her goals. It is the young man who wants to get the hand of the Queen of Swords will have to show her not only courage and determination, but also loyalty and intelligence.

Meaning upright

When the queen of swords appears upright, indicates that there may be difficulties in controlling feelings. It’s as if you’re craving something new, but you’re still not good enough to master the situation. When you are able to master your feelings, you will no longer have problems in life. The meaning upright indicates that the change and challenge represented by the Queen of Swords will lead you to an improvement. This improvement can be in relationships with family, friends, and even your career or study.

  • In love: there may be arguments because you will never agree and you will always want to be right.
  • At work: even if you are smart and know your work very well, you can realize that not everyone agrees with your ideas. Perhaps you may have rivalries even from people who mean a lot to you, so it’s best to make the most wise decisions possible.
  • In money: The Queen of Swords represents your ability to save and also to get honours from your work. If you have a good job, these two characteristics represent the economic improvement over time. If you make bad choices, your finances will never be stable and you may do something that will make you very unhappy.
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Queen of Swords Tarot: Meaning on the reverse

Queen of Swords Tarot Reversed

When it appears reversed, the card indicates not to follow feelings for any reason, but to use rationality to make decisions. You have to use your head, which is much wiser than your heart. If you do not do so, there may be difficulties in complying with the rules.

  • In love: you will also know how to manage feelings, but you are too miserly and refuse to participate even in important things such as marriage or to give a hand to friends in difficulty. This will not take you far, it is advisable to change attitudes right away.
  • In work: you must learn to accept others and also the challenges that will lead you to professional improvement. Even if you want to do everything yourself, these things will be useless and in the end you may find yourself in a situation with no way out.
  • On money: You’ll need to use common sense to make smart financial decisions. The risk is that otherwise your earnings will always be too low and you will have more problems… Beyond those, you are already facing.