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Seven of Wands Tarot: Meaning

Seven of Wands Tarot

The Seven of Wands in the Tarot represents the spirit of positive and creative man. The opening of new roads, the ability to achieve the most ambitious goals. Yet it is not easy for anyone to get there. Many of the paths that lead to personal and material fulfillment are hampered by difficulties, hostilities, and unexpected events.

Seven of Wands Tarot: Meaning upright

The Seven of Wands in the Tarot of Marseille upright invites us to insist and persist in order to reach the goal set. We will be engaged in fights and battles, but in the end we will win and we will be able to have our prize. We must never lose confidence in ourselves: even when everything seems lost and no obstacle is overcome, we must believe in good luck. Not only that, but we must be patient, our efforts have not been wasted, there is still time and you will see that the day of triumph will come.

Meaning in Love

The person you care about is a bit distant and we still don’t know why. But surely these are only misunderstandings: if we can speak calmly, you will be able to smooth out your disagreements. Often problems always seem insurmountable, but this happens only when you do not deal with them with diplomacy, you will see that it will not be too difficult to get an explanation about his mood.

Meaning at Work

Your working life is not simple but you do not have to give up: when things become difficult and the obstacles seem impassable, we must tie the threads of our network and make a superhuman effort to move forward. It is a period of severe reflection, but we must not forget social life, so take advantage of it to meet new people, attend some parties and have fun.

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Meaning in Money

Economies do not allow us to savor the pleasures of life. Maybe we should reduce unnecessary expenses, but it is essential to maintain a certain lifestyle: Try not to end up depriving yourself of some small leisure that can make you feel good.

Seven of Wands Tarot: Meaning on the reverse

Seven of Inverted Tarot Wands

The Seven of Wands on the reverse refers to a moment of confusion, it is as if you can not achieve everything you want. A part of you is still a prisoner of the past.

You must learn to understand what really suits you, what brings you happiness and what instead distracts your attention: you must not remain tied to the time gone, because it is an existence that no longer belongs to you. You have to get rid of it and live the present positively. Furthermore, you must also learn to accept compromises: if you have decided to do something, do it with all of yourself without thoughts or fears.

Seven of Reverse Tarot Wands in Love

In love, things did not go as well as you hoped: maybe you made some missteps, but now you need to make a decision and move on. Perhaps you have to be realistic, if you have reported small failures return to the beginning and start again. Remember that luck helps the bold.

Meaning at Work

The Seven of Wands in reverse in working life means adversity: letting these tests pass would be a serious mistake, because only by managing to overcome them can you reach the goal. The results you were hoping for failed to materialize. You have to work hard and do your best if you want to get the desired fruits.

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Meaning in money

Your finances are not going very well, you may find yourself in trouble and you should reduce your expenses to avoid finding yourself in difficulty. Learn to economize, but without depriving yourself of it completely.