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Six of Cups Tarot: Meaning

Six of Cups Tarot

The Six of Cups in the Tarot has a very deep and very beautiful meaning. It indicates that thanks to your commitment, you can now see the first results. Your efforts will pay off! There are many facets that emerge from the Six of Cups, and for most people it indicates positivity. The general meaning is that even when everything else doesn’t work or seems to go wrong, you’ll have to have faith. It is necessary to believe that everything that is wrong will end soon and strive to make every effort to make it.

Six of Tarot Cups: Meaning Upright

The six-of-cup card talks about novelties, travel and uncharted terrain. Maybe you’ve worked very hard to get here. Now that you’re at the beginning of this new chapter in your life, you feel extremely motivated. You have clear ideas, and you are determined to do your best to make it a success. It also indicates that potentially you want to date someone but don’t know how to do it, or you’re simply thinking you’ve neglected an important area of your life.

Six of Cups Tarot: Meaning in Love

Sometimes we come up against contradictory feelings. At first, you may have decided that you are tired of the person you are with or the fact that you are single, and you want someone who can offer you the love and company you need. A few days later, however, you may feel like it is the wrong choice! You probably feel incomplete and want something new and hope to find it in a person who can really get your attention.

Meaning in Work

Maybe you have a job you don’t like at all, or you need a professional change. The Six of Cups in the Tarot tells you that if you continue to commit yourself to the maximum with seriousness it is possible to improve your professional life, you just have to become aware of your abilities and talents.

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Meaning in Family

You are not very happy with family obligations and tasks that belong to you. You could try to go on like this with your head bowed, but feeling that everything becomes more difficult with each passing day. It could be a time when you have to make drastic decisions about your priorities in life. We are used to settling for what we have, and when we finally find the courage to change, it may be too late. The Six of Cups tells you that it’s never too late to turn everything upside down!

Meaning in Money

In the money section, the Six of Cups in the Tarot is very positive. Your work will also bring positive changes in the family, not only for you but also for the other members. There may be an increase in salary or otherwise a favourable change for your economic situation.

Six of Tarot Cups: Meaning on the Reversed Side

Six of Inverted Tarot Cups

When the card appears reversed it indicates confusion, maybe something in your life does not work as it should, or you have to make decisions, but you do not know what choices to make. Probably the work no longer satisfies you, and you think about changing it, or you have to face necessary changes in your relationship. Try to stop and reflect and give yourself time to find the right answer, remember that rash choices are never good.

Six of Cups Tarot: Meaning in Love

In the couple or in love, the card that appears in reverse could indicate a disagreement, perhaps due to the jealousy of one of the two or even separations in sight. Potentially you need to be alone to reflect serenely on your relationship, or you have to accept that couple relationships often require sacrifices.

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Meaning in Work:

Following the meaning of the card, it is possible to think that there is a problem in the professional sphere or something is not going as it should have gone. You may suffer from stress concerns that could play tricks on you and put a strain on your health. In addition, it may indicate some delay in the payment of your invoices.

Meaning in Money:

The card on the reverse side of cups symbolizes lack of money and in general little income. Or it is simply the inability to make the right decision, maybe you should ask for advice from someone wiser to try to find a much more constructive solution to it!