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Six of Pentacles Tarot: Meaning

Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles in the Tarot speaks of a period of redemption. It is the right time to reconsider one’s attitudes and close relationships that have become unsatisfactory or fruitless. This moment could present itself as a good opportunity to take a break, think about yourself, get rid of the superfluous or close a chapter.

There can be many considerations to be made before laying the foundations for a new path. You have to learn to manage the aspects of your life: not only relationships with others but also material things. It is a moment of awareness, you have probably realized that money does not make happiness. Just be aware of the desires you have and plan how to realize them. The Six of Pentacles card in the Tarot says that it will be possible to achieve something right now, but only if you really commit yourself! You will meet a destiny full of love, harmony, and well-being…

Six of Pentacles: Meaning Upright

This card suggests an important awareness regarding the affections. In the past, you have given too much importance to money and little to affections. You have to change your strategy and try to put the essential people in your life at the centre of your world. The Six of Pentacles in the Tarot upright can lead to considering one’s habits, taking into consideration what one does rather than how one does it. The time has come to take stock of where we are focusing our attention and devote ourselves to the significant things. Work is only one aspect of life, it should not become the main object of our reflections!

Six of Pentacles Tarot meaning in Love:

You may want to consider concluding a story that does not give satisfaction. Those who are lucky enough to have a partner know how indispensable it is to establish a relationship based on trust and mutual loyalty, where you have common projects and similar expectations and desires. The card symbolizes a propitious moment to plan something important; invites you to dedicate yourself to your partner and throw yourself into what your life as a couple can offer you.

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Meaning at Work:

In the workplace, he recommends preparing every little thing before starting a new collaboration. You need to wait for the right time to make investments or apply for a loan. This is a good time to put your finances in order! If you have debts to pay, but little money can be found solutions, you could get a mortgage for example. In general, you will kick off something that will improve the economic situation.

Six of Pentacles in the Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

Six of Pentacles Tarot Inverted

When the card appears upside down, it speaks of a loss of money. The card is advising you to carefully weigh your expenses: make careful purchases and do not squander your belongings. If there are people who are asking you for money, maybe they are not doing it out of need, but they are taking advantage of you. Do not trust ambiguous people, they are big risks, you may not see the money you lend them anymore. Or again, in the case of investments, it indicates that they will probably not be fruitful but will only be large losses.

Six of Pentacles Tarot meaning in Love:

Six of Pentacles can also indicate that, in some cases, you should give up your purity. There may be people who are putting their eyes on you and indecent proposals may come to you. A tip: follow your instincts in these circumstances! Follow your heart, so as not to create unnecessary problems. This card emphasizes that it is a period of change. It is good that you are not too optimistic: after a first moment of success, you will have to strive to maintain what you have achieved!

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Meaning at Work:

In the professional field, the Six of Pentacles that appears in an inverted position may indicate a loss of money or the inability to manage finances. You have to remember that the road ahead of you is still long and you can not be overwhelmed by this dark moment! If you keep working soon things will improve!