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Ten of Cups Tarot: Meaning

Ten of Cups Tarot

The Ten of Cups in the Tarot has a very positive meaning, it represents happiness in the field of love and the realization of a happy love life. It could be synonymous with marriage or eternal love. After overcoming a dark period in which you had strong doubts about love and your sentimental future, now you have reached the peak! The Ten of Cups is an archetype that expresses all the positive things in life: light, respect, health, fertility, and wealth. It also refers to the health of the mind and body, plus there is a strong connection with the family.

Meaning of the Card Upright

The Ten Cups card in the Tarot focuses on emotional and relational well-being. It’s as if after a long period of searching for love, you’ve found someone who really accepts you for who you are. It could be synonymous with a happy family, maybe the family expands or strengthens, the future you have in front of you is really very rosy. You may want to consider embarking on a nice trip with your family or spending time with the people you love. In short, it is a card that brings luck and satisfaction to every area of your life. Even in friendships or work can indicate moments of tranquillity and peace.

Ten of Cups in the Tarot: Meaning in Love

This card invites you to cultivate a deep, sincere and lasting feeling. You are relieved of problems that seemed to crush you in the past, and you are free to follow your feelings. This card indicates eternal love, a strong and indissoluble bond.

Meaning at work:

In the workplace, this card is synonymous with success. You could get an important contract or your work could be appreciated by superiors who are satisfied with your performance. You are in a period of great expansion and professional growth, you are much better off than a few months ago!

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Ten of Cups Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

Ten of Inverted Tarot Cups

If the card comes out to the negative, it indicates moments of deep sadness. Maybe there are some quarrels with your partner, or maybe the partner is not really the one for you. Maybe you’re stuck in fear of falling in love and then losing your loved one.

This card invites you to become more aware of your emotional needs. Maybe you need to deal with problems in the work, maybe a reorganization or some controversy, or it’s time to make essential decisions and look for solutions that can improve your situation. You have to find a new harmony, it could also indicate that your relationship has come to an end.

If your consultation is work-related, there may be difficulties with colleagues or your boss. You don’t trust people and don’t have enough courage to face things on your own; switch to the side of reason, listen to your doubts, and then you will decide how to best act.

Meaning in Love:

It could mean infidelity or betrayal. There are doubts that disturb your feelings, being with your loved one has become a burden. Maybe you exaggerate in the search for love, or maybe you are falling into narcissism, but surely this is not the time to have relationships with other people. This card indicates that perhaps only you and your loved one can open up to the best and create a deep relationship, but without being blocked by obstacles or fears. You are closed in on yourself and cannot fully enjoy your relationship with your partner.

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Meaning of Work:

In the workplace, this card indicates that something unusual is happening in your work environment, perhaps there are problems with your employer or someone no longer trusts you and wants to make you understand it in every way. There is a possibility that someone will speak to you in a rude and malicious way, or that you will be denied the right recognition for your professional achievements.

This card invites you to become more aware of your emotional needs, rather than limiting yourself to the material and practical sphere of life. Perhaps you need to deal with difficulties in the work, maybe a reorganization or some controversy. You have to find a new harmony!