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Moon Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Moon Tarot Combinations

The combinations with the Moon in the Tarot are always very deep and in this article we will discover all the various meanings. The Moon has always been considered a “deceiver” and everything related to it must be examined very carefully. Usually, in tarot cards the Moon is a strong indication that there may be something hidden beneath the surface, so we must keep this in mind as we try to understand its meaning. Depending on the card next to it, its meaning may be slightly different.

The Moon often denotes feelings that are not clear to us at first glance. Sometimes it means the subconscious, hidden thoughts, and fears that someone is not aware of. It can also represent illusions, deceptions and unknown things that are kept secret (as night hides day). The Moon cannot be seen clearly, it creates shadows that are constantly changing. So let’s find out what lies behind this deep meaning, when the card is combined with the other Major Arcana.

Moon Tarot Combinations: The Fool

When the moon chart with the fool appear in a stretch, there is a clear indication that something has escaped our attention. In love, it can indicate a new relationship that has just begun or something that is happening right now but of which we are not aware. In the workplace, it warns us of a person who may be trying to deceive us. The subconscious dominates this couple and it is very important to find what is under our awareness.

Moon Tarot Combinations: The Magician

This combination shows us that there may be deceptions and illusions in the present. We need to be careful because there may be someone who tries to use an unknown power against us. It also shows that we may not fully understand what is happening around us, although we can try to use our intuition and rationality to overcome this situation and find out who is behind the mystery. In relationships, we must be very vigilant and aware of our own and others’ intentions. In the work, it is significant to be rational, especially if we are taking care of other people.

The Moon + The High Priestess

In relationships, there may be a deep emotional bond that is not clear at first glance. There may be some unconscious fears or emotions. If we are going through a spiritual journey, this couple may indicate the need to examine our hidden intentions to look for any form of selfishness within, since it can damage our progress without our knowledge. In the work, this pairing shows that there are some things that are kept hidden, so we must be very careful about the decisions that are made.

The Moon + The Empress

The moon chart tells us that we must look at this situation more carefully and not act immediately; it also warns against uncontrolled passions. It’s important to remember that the subconscious might try to play tricks on it, so we need to keep our minds clear before making any decisions.

The Moon + the Emperor

This is one of the combinations that may indicate deception or deception. In love, the Moon with the emperor tells us that someone might try to deceive us into a relationship. In the work there may be a person who wants to deceive you and in general warns against uncontrolled emotions when making decisions.

The Moon + The Pope

When the moon chart appears in a reading linked to the Pope, it is showing us that there may be some cheating behind the scenes. We must keep our guard up and be aware of any signs of deception so as not to fall into someone’s trap. This pairing can also indicate problems of spirituality due to uncontrolled passions or emotions.

Moon Tarot Combinations: The Lovers

You have to be careful about what’s going on around you and don’t trust anyone until you find out who is trying to deceive you. It tells us that when someone says they love you, we shouldn’t accept them unless they provide evidence. There may be concerns that have not yet been recognized.

The Moon + the Chariot

We may not be aware of what is happening around us, but we can try to use our rationality and intuition to overcome this situation. In relationships, it is important to be very attentive to any concerns.

Moon Tarot Combinations: Justice

There may be a lack of clarity in this relationship or work situation. We must be aware of what is happening around us and keep our distance.

The Moon + The Hermit

When the moon chart appears with the Hermit, it refers to a moment of introspection and solitude. We need to spend some time alone to find out what we really want in this situation.

The Moon + the Wheel of Fortune

When the Moon appears with the Wheel of Fortune, it is telling us that there may be changes coming, such as a new job or a new relationship. We need to stay positive and see what develops.

Moon Tarot Combinations: The Strength

When the Moon appears with the Strength, it is telling us that we have hidden talents. We need to stop being so ourselves and discover our true potential.

Moon + Hanged Man

When the Moon appears hanging, we may question our values and morals. We need to review a situation and see what is really happening.

Moon Tarot Combinations: Death

This combination may indicate a loss of some kind, but new opportunities will also arise from this situation. This could mean an end or a beginning in your life journey, but whatever happens, you need to be open to change.

The Moon + Temperance

We have to make a decision about what we want in this situation. We cannot ignore our responsibilities or choose an easy path, as this would not be beneficial for any of the people involved.

The Moon + The Devil

We may be overly influenced by the views of others. It is also possible that we are deceiving ourselves into believing that something will happen when it is not so, so we must thoroughly examine the situation before making hasty judgments.

Moon Tarot Combinations: The Tower

The map of the Moon that appears in a stretch with the Tower emphasizes that we must be open to new ideas and not get stuck in old ways of thinking. We may be deceived by what we see or hear, and we need to use our intuition and inner voice to guide us.

The Moon + the Stars

You need to start putting your energy into what you want and not waste time and effort with people who don’t align with your goals. This is a time to be optimistic and see what the future will bring.

The Moon + the Sun

This is a very positive combination that tells us that we should look to the future and believe in our dreams. We should also avoid dwelling on the past because this may prevent us from moving forward.

The Moon + Judgment

We may need to look at the influence of others in our lives and the effect they are having on us. We cannot always be shaped by the points of view or opinions of others, we must know who we are inside and not lose touch with this.

The Moon + The World

The Moon that appears with the World tells us that we must be open to new experiences and opportunities. We should follow our intuition because this will guide us to what is right for us. We should also include other people in the things that are important to us because others can help motivate or inspire us to achieve our goals.