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Tarot Pentacles: Meaning


The Pentacles in the Tarot represents all material goods, finances and work. They are deeply linked to our ego, our independence, and our ability to make a living.

As for its element of belonging, we can say that it is deeply linked to the Earth. So in a consultation can refer to all the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

When these cards come out upright they refer to the success of the business, earnings and personal success. When they are in reverse, they can indicate that you are “losing” money or that something in your work may not be right.

Tarot Pentacles: To whom and what do they refer?

The people represented by this seed of the Tarot is linked to all individuals who are practical and generous, to those who care about work and family. In fact, they are successful people, capable of achieving their goals, because they are determined and stubborn in their will.

When the Denarii often come out in the tarot, perhaps you are in a state of opposition with what is your material world. Surely most of your worries are related to work, earning and your economic independence.

You are a guy who has no problem working hard and for long periods. You believe it is essential to meet the deadlines of your commitment to society, family and work. It may be that in recent times you do nothing but think about your success or your career, but it is very likely that the results are then poor, disappointing.

So this tarot seed can help you understand which path to take and give you useful tips to pursue your goals. It will therefore be important to carefully observe what are the suggestions and advice that will appear in the draft of cards. Moreover, if these are accompanied by the Major Arcana, the meaning can only be much more intense and intrinsic in meaning!