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Stars Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Stars Tarot Combinations
Stars Tarot Combinations

In this article, we explore the beautiful meaning that the combinations with The Stars of the Tarot have with the other Major Arcana. The Stars’ card represents the influence of the divine on human affairs. It is a card that speaks of compassion, hope, and clarity of vision. For me, it is also one of my favourite cards in the deck because it represents how important it is for us to have an open mind, to be ready to welcome change with optimism and not with fear. We all need stars to guide us.

So let’s analyse what this card means when it appears in a stretch with the other Arcana.

Stars Tarot Combinations with The Fool

This is a very good combination, if we can combine the optimism and spontaneity of the Fool with the light and inner strength that the Stars give us, we will be able to achieve many things. We will find new projects or develop existing ones in a way that was difficult before. Hope and optimism are essential ingredients for success.

Stars Tarot Combinations with the Magician

In a reading, this combination represents the need to take control of a situation or circumstance in our lives. We will have a great power to influence the course of events and to make things happen for us. It is also about having clarity of thought and vision, something that can sometimes escape us without even realizing it.

The Stars + the High Priestess

This is a great combination that shows how powerful intuition can be and how we can successfully follow our inspirations. With the High Priestess, we get a vision of things that usually remain hidden from us. The stars give us an open mind and if we listen to our feelings, we will see what awaits us. It’s a great opportunity to make things happen.

The Stars + The Empress

If we look at this combination from a positive perspective, we will see that the optimism of the Stars and the warmth of the Empress will help us get closer to our goals. This is a happy marriage that shows how our femininity can give us strength, allowing us to fulfil all our desires (and probably some things that weren’t even on our list).

Stars Tarot Combinations with The Emperor

In this case, the Stars bring to fruition our plans and what we have worked on. This is a period of great stability, in which we consolidate everything that has happened lately and achieve a sense of balance with what we do. He can also be seen as a father figure who provides us with the encouragement, support, and management skills needed to overcome the challenges we face.

The Stars + The Pope

This combination also represents a good marriage, because the Star has no problem submitting to someone with more knowledge and experience. It allows growth and fulfilment in different areas of our lives. If we let go of the ego, we will discover new ways to add value to what we do, and we will succeed. This is a good time to build new relationships that can help us in the future.

Stars Tarot Combinations with Lovers

This combination speaks of a happy and lucky period, where all our plans and projects will bear fruit and bring us great satisfaction and joy. If we are already in a relationship, this is an excellent time to take things to the next level and enjoy new experiences together. It’s also a good time for singles to find love, friendship, and fun.

The Stars + The Chariot

This combination shows how we can achieve our goals thanks to our intuition and optimism. We will be able to get out of difficult situations thanks to these qualities that allow us to move forward and ward off negative thoughts. It is a time of great changes and opportunities that we will be able to take advantage of without much effort.

Stars Tarot Combinations with Justice

Justice may be harsh, but it is right, and this combination leads us to a more balanced place in life. This period of time allows us to review our actions and put things on the right track so that we can develop integrity in all aspects of our lives. It brings great inner peace because everything becomes clear. We will see what is best for us and we will be able to make decisions with little difficulty.

The Stars + The Hanged Man

If we look at this combination from a negative perspective, it can represent feeling insecure and out of control. But, if we look at it as a time of great change that leads us to learn new things, the Stars + the Hanged Man can be a very positive combination. Letting go of what we know for something new allows us to discover ourselves in new ways.

Stars Tarot Combinations with Death

This combination can also bring a lot of uncertainty and insecurity, due to the nature of this drastic change that requires a complete transformation. It’s a time when we need to start over and rethink the way we see things in life. It’s a great time to learn new skills or study something completely different, but it can also make us feel lonely and uncertain about what the future holds.

The Stars + Temperance

Here we talk about balance in all areas of our lives. This balance is important when trying to solve problems and find the best solutions. It is a time of patience and perseverance to achieve our goals without much difficulty. The Stars + Temperance will help us use our intelligence, knowledge and common sense to guide us along this path that will lead us to self-improvement and maturity.

The Stars + The Devil

This combination may indicate intense emotions and feelings of guilt. We may make mistakes because of our impulsiveness, but if we can overcome these obstacles, this period allows us to understand the true meaning of life. Our material needs will be met and as a result we will learn a lot about ourselves.

The Stars + The Tower

The combination in question represents a moment of great change that requires us to rethink everything we thought was true. We may feel lost and overwhelmed by this situation, but if we persevere, it allows us to discover our inner self. It is up to us if we will be able to take advantage of this period in which the boundaries between work and personal life become more malleable, or if we will end up burning ourselves and losing everything.

The Stars + The Moon

They are two essential forces for our evolution. Both can help us maintain an emotional balance that allows us to avoid the negative aspects of life, but they also bring some important opportunities that we must recognize to become better people. It’s a time when dreams come true and things happen for a reason.

Stars Tarot Combinations with the Sun

A sign of great happiness and the realization of our hopes and dreams. We will feel much better about ourselves and satisfied with what we have achieved so far in life. There is nothing that prevents us from taking advantage of this period to improve ourselves and move in life with confidence.

The Stars + Judgment

It is a time when nothing can stop us and we will be able to do what we thought was impossible. We may also become more aware of our true needs in life, which will allow us to grow emotionally and spiritually.

The Stars + the World

This combination brings happiness around us and good luck in our professional life. There is no reason not to take this opportunity to improve ourselves, so that we can achieve great goals in life. The Stars + the World represent a time when we feel an unusual sense of harmony with others, but we cannot take it for granted and we must do something to deserve it.