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Strength Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Strength Tarot Combinations

In this article we will discover the combinations of The Strength in the Tarot. The Strength card can represent many different mental and physical states: endurance, self-control, patience, impartiality, awareness of our strength and power. All these meanings are the basis of this card, each is a manifestation of The Strength as an inner quality. When the card is then combined with other Major Arcana, its meaning can definitely change. Read on to find out more.

Strength Tarot Combinations: The Fool

Among the many combinations when the One of the Fool and The Strength comes out we get the representation of a young man looking for an adventure. He is ready to go into his future, fully aware of what he wants and where he is going (The Fool), while he is also aware of who he is and why he is doing it (The Strength). 

She will follow her path by staying true to herself, using her inner strength and confidence to be firm on what she believes in. In love, this combination may indicate that a person is ready to discover his life path or wants to go down a romantic road. In business, this union can represent a potential business partner that has a clear goal in mind, but needs guidance on how to achieve it.

The Strength + The Magician

The combination of these two cards indicates that a person is able to have control over himself and his environment. He has the power to create situations, circumstances and events as he pleases. However, this can also mean that he does not see what is really happening around. 

The greatness and charisma of the Magician could overshadow some of his flaws (and he has some) that make him believe he is invincible. When this combination appears in love, this person tends to be charming and purposeful, but can also fall into manipulation if he is not careful. In the work, it indicates someone who wants to be at the top of everyone’s list, he will stop at nothing to get there.

Strength Tarot Combinations: The High Priestess

The combination of The Strength and the High Priestess can represent a woman who is very frank, strong-willed but who also has her feet on the ground. He does not blindly follow what others say but rather exercises his power to make things happen. This card can show an assertive person who is able to follow orders without getting lost in the process. 

When it comes to love, it means that the consultant is very direct in his desires and aims high in life. It can be quite challenging in relationships due to its demanding presence, but once overcome it will be a faithful ally. In work, this combination means someone who wants to make an impact on society, organizing events or guiding people

The Strength + The Empress

When we combine the Empress and The Strength it means that you are able to integrate your inner strength with the power of the material world. These cards can show a very ambitious person and capable of using his talent to capture people’s attention. 

This combination often occurs in business, indicating that the consultant has strong leadership potential and wants his voice heard. When it comes to love, it means that you know its value and are not willing to settle for less than what you deserve. Your strength can be intimidating but once you understand it will become an unstoppable force in the relationship.

Strength Tarot Combinations: The Emperor

The combination of these two cards can represent a person who is focused on building power and material wealth. He fights for the top and will leave nothing on his way to get there. This type of individual often ends up getting everything he wants because of his strength and independence. In love, this combination represents someone who has strong family ties or who feels the need to enlarge the family. In business, it indicates someone who wants to make a fortune through leadership and recognizes the value of teams.

The Strength + The Pope

When this combination of cards appears, it means that the consultant is able to communicate his ideas clearly and is also benevolently. He is able to think about what he wants for himself and for others. 

This may mean that he may be demanding in his relationships but like most things with this connection, once he understands his power he will become unstoppable. These traits can also be seen in a work environment where you have a knack for communication and for being able to manage yourself and others.

Strength Tarot Combinations: The Lovers

One of the strongest combinations for this Major Arcane since it can indicate someone who lives by their own rules. This person may seem like the type who doesn’t care about anyone else, but in truth he only has his own ways of dealing with situations and problems. 

When it comes to love, this combination represents someone who often makes decisions based on instinct rather than logic. In work this combination appears when someone has a knack for being able to make quick decisions and as such can succeed as an entrepreneur.

The Strength + The Chariot

In the tarot cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, these two cards can represent the ability to face challenges using your talents. It is also indicative of someone who is very determined and does what it takes to win at all costs. When it comes to love, this combination represents someone who has difficulty trusting others but once he decides that you are worthy he will be relentless in his search. In the work he talks about a lot of success and talent for building wealth.

Strength + Justice

This combination of cards represents someone who has to manage conflicts. Since you can be very persuasive, this will often put you in the role of mediator and negotiator during times of conflict. In love, it shows a person who is very willing to take the longest step of the leg for his partner but who needs to be appreciated first.

The Strength + The Hermit

The combination of these cards can indicate someone who is self-sufficient and does not like to be told what to do. This person often prefers to solve their own problems and prefers not to rely on others. In a work environment this combination shows someone who wants to succeed on their own but may have difficulty working in a group environment.

The Strength + The Wheel of Fortune

It can represent someone who is a risk-loving and ambitious. They often see good opportunities for themselves and know how to take advantage of them. In love, this card shows that you are a little more fickle with your relationships but once you find the right person your busy nature will be unshakable. In a job or career, this combination shows that you have a knack for making quick decisions and figuring out which direction to take.

The Strength + The Hanged Man

The combination of these two cards represents someone who is capable of sacrificing himself to get the things he wants. In love this person can often make difficult decisions that aim to please their partner even when this could hurt him in the process. In the work, this combination shows that you have a good knowledge of what motivates people.

Strength + Death

It represents someone who is powerful, but also has a dark side that can come out when pushed too far. When it comes to love, this person often falls in love only once and despite being hurt he will never give up that relationship or his feelings. In a work environment, this combination shows that you have a knack for seeing and exploiting opportunities and can be seen as a visionary.

Strength Tarot Combinations: Temperance

This is the card of someone who has the ability to “beat the iron when it’s hot” so to speak. They know how to keep their energy under control and when a certain decision is made for them nothing more will stop them. 

In love this individual has patience and can be very persuasive, but when he is serious you do not run away. This card in a work environment shows that you have enough energy to keep the situation under control and manage your successes.

The Strength + The Devil

This combination of cards shows an extremely determined person. She can be very hard working and knows how to use people to achieve her goals or maybe she has decided that the time has come to take control of her life. 

This individual is often very practical and pragmatic, mostly focusing on concrete results and not on sentimental nuances. In love this person is very strong and can be a tireless companion. In the workplace this card represents someone who is quite threatening but there is nothing to fear, he has only been tricked by circumstances.

The Strength + The Tower

The combination of cards in question shows an individual who is surprisingly vulnerable or perhaps even at the mercy of events. They often let themselves be influenced by people who are strangers to them and this can cause a lot of problems. In love, this person is often vulnerable and could easily be manipulated by people who just want to have control over him or her.

Strength Tarot Combinations: The Stars

This person has great potential that he is trying to express. Often she can be a little intimidated or afraid of the consequences so she tends to panic but always waits for her moment to act. In love, this person is very eager to express their feelings with their partner and can feel bad if they feel that they are not appreciated as they would like.

The Strength + The Moon

This is the result of an individual who is in a difficult situation. He often lets himself be influenced by other people and does not know how to keep his actions under control. This person often needs guidance and someone to support him. In love, it means that your partner may make fun of you. At work, he never makes important decisions.

The Strength + The Sun

This is a very positive result. This person has great potential, he is not afraid to commit to the maximum of his possibilities if needed. It can often be exciting and irresistible but try to control yourself when things get intense. In love, this person always finds the right time to take the first step. In business, you are very reliable.

Strength + Judgment

It means that you are very strong and determined. It is very important that you create a context in which you can fully express your talent and achieve your goals. If there’s something to do sometimes you don’t even need to put too much effort into it, but be careful not to chase success.

Strength Tarot Combinations: The World

Among all the Combinations, this is the final result is very positive. This card holds the potential of commitment and determination that will allow you to unleash your talent and be appreciated for your skill by others. You are also a good leader and follow your dreams with determination. This means that you are finally becoming fully aware of what you want from life, but you must be careful not to let yourself be conditioned too much by others.