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Sun Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Sun Tarot Combinations

In this new article, we analyze all the combinations with the Sun of the Tarot. This card has a very beautiful meaning because it is linked to our inner light, the strength of our will and the ability to use it to get what we want. That is why this card represents positivity, hope and vitality. When it is then combined with the other major arcana it represents the wisdom and help of higher beings.

The Sun card in the Tarot indicates good news, positive events and changes that are taking place for us. It is a card of the Major Arcana that has great importance but unlike others does not represent specific people, but rather ideas or situations. We must therefore learn to interpret what type of event is taken into account by also analyzing the situation of neighbouring cards.

The Sun Tarot Combinations: The Fool

This is a meeting, a new beginning. Something new that will be done for the first time by both the Fool and the Sun. The Fool has always been very insecure, anxious to try everything without worrying about the consequences. The Sun gives him vital energy and hope so that he can be more cheerful. If this combination appeared in your Tarot reading, it is important that you also look at all the surrounding cards to understand what can happen in relation to both characters.

The Sun Tarot Combinations: The Magician

This is a very positive combination. It is the affirmation of power through the use of magic, but also learning how to control one’s life using your magical mind. The Magician possesses everything he needs to use his will in order to achieve success and happiness. With this combination, expect a very positive result, a solution that makes you happy and satisfied with your life.

The Sun + The High Priestess

Both of these characters have great wisdom, but from different ways of experiencing the world. One was born with this wisdom, while the other acquired it through study and life experience. In any case, both share a great energy and enthusiasm for life, so you can always achieve your goals.

With this combination, we find an intellectual stimulus that helps us to think about the meaning of existence and to realize the answers through our mind. The High Priestess represents a person who has a deep knowledge not only in the physical world but also in the spiritual one. This allows you to know the true essence of your feelings and emotions, to learn to control them.

The Sun + the Empress

With this combination, we find the wealth that comes from within. They are two different characters, but both have similar problems when it comes to dealing with external influences and emotions. The Empress is easily influenced by others, while the Sun has a great need for recognition and appreciation of others. You can expect a great result if you follow your instincts, pay attention to your environment and look for the beauty of what is happening around you.

Sun Tarot Combinations: The Emperor

With this combination, we find a great balance of power. The sun brings vitality, while the emperor represents order, stability and authority. This combination of power is used to create something new, both on a personal and social level. This will be accompanied by great enthusiasm and optimism. It’s a perfect combination if you want to manage (literally) your situation and get the best results.

The Sun + The Pope

This combination represents a meeting of cultures, traditions and beliefs that come from both characters. This is a very positive combination that helps us find security and protection, which will lead us to maximum well-being and peace of mind. With this great power, we can create our future and make sure that everything happens exactly as we want without obstacles or problems.

The Sun + Lovers

This is a perfect combination for those who want to give the person who loves maximum attention and affection. This relationship will be as important as possible as both characters bring vitality, light and energy. If you’ve found someone you can share this connection with, make sure you care about it because it’s rare and unique.

Sun Tarot Combinations: The Chariot

This is a powerful combination that can create a lot of enthusiasm and positive feelings. You will have the strength to overcome any obstacle or person that stands between you and your goals. However, be careful not to overestimate yourself, as this may take you from one extreme to the other without being able to properly manage your emotions.

The Sun + Justice

You can always feel confident in your choices and decisions, as they will be guided by the power of mind and spirit. Don’t let things knock you down or make you lose faith even if it seems like everything is falling apart; with this combination everything is possible!

Sun Tarot Combinations: The Hermit

This combination symbolizes the warmth and wisdom found through introspection and meditation. You will be able to understand and learn everything you need, taking the best parts and leaving the rest behind. Your ability to find great pleasure in simple things will also help you avoid becoming a slave to fashion and other platitudes that only serve us as distractions from what really matters.

The Sun + Wheel of Fortune

This is one of the most positive and lucky combinations, allowing you to get all the things you have always dreamed of. Luck will be on your side for as long as you live, and it is likely that success will not be far away. In addition to this, your charisma and charm will make you irresistible even to people who seem impossible to conquer.

The Sun + The Strength

This combination will help you act with great courage and make decisions that are usually made only after careful reflection. You won’t let your fears or insecurities get in your way, which means you’ll be able to get what you want even without having to succumb to violence or manipulation.

Sun Tarot Combinations: The Hanged Man

Now you have the chance to find what you’re looking for, which could be a lasting relationship or a new job. You will understand things more clearly and make decisions with a very clear head, which will help you adapt more easily to any situation that arises to you.

The Sun + Death

You need someone to help you fight against your fears and escape from the shadows of your past. It is crucial not to lose hope, but to focus on building the future you want to have, no matter how bad things may seem right now. Eventually you will find peace within yourself, which is all you really need to finally let go of what has held you back for so long.

Sun Tarot Combinations: Temperance

You have finally reached the point where you know who you are and what you want in life. You will be able to handle any situation that arises to you without resorting to emotional blackmail or manipulation. Furthermore, you will not take anything too seriously, but at the same time you will not allow anyone to step on your feet, choosing instead to promote fairness and tolerance for everyone.

The Sun + The Devil

Be careful not to abuse your power, or you risk losing everything you have built for yourself. Also, make sure you don’t let yourself be manipulated by someone who might try to take advantage of your generosity and kindness, after all, love cannot exist without trust. Your biggest challenge right now is learning to define your limits and stay within them.

The Sun + the Tower

You know very well what you want, but sometimes you need an external element to make things happen, which can be frustrating for someone like you who always thinks they already have everything under control. Despite all this, this influence will help spur you on to new adventures, even if you don’t want to admit it.

Sun Tarot Combinations: the Stars

You need to work to improve your self-esteem to feel good enough about yourself and for others to accept you as you are. Even if you are determined, nothing is impossible, even when things seem darker. With time, you will be able to build your relationship with those around you on a new foundation based on honesty and respect.

The Sun + the Moon

You’ve faced many changes recently, some more positive than others, yet you’re still standing. You can always see the bright side even in the darkest clouds, and that’s what will help you get up after life has knocked you down. Your optimism, determination and creativity are some of your greatest assets.

Sun Tarot Combinations: The Judgment

Your strength will be tested because you are still looking for yourself and it is difficult to know where to start. Don’t look for answers outside of yourself, or you’ll never be able to do anything. You have everything you need inside you just waiting to emerge!

Sun Tarot Combinations: The World

Only after surviving the difficulties will we truly be able to appreciate what we have right now. This is a very nice combination because you will make the most of every opportunity that presents itself to you and you will learn to appreciate the people around you. It will be a strong sign of success on many levels.