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Tarot Swords: Meaning

The Swords in the Tarot are related to intelligence and thoughts, rational thinking and soul. These are 14 cards that represent the knowledge achieved, the result of research and studies. But not only… They can also refer to beliefs, opinions, the degree of adaptability in everyday life. Sword cards are those that show the mental state of the individual in certain situations and the way and attitude to be taken to deal with them.

They belong to the element of Air, therefore a changing and dynamic element. The zodiac signs that are part of it are:

  • Aquarium
  • Scales
  • Twins

They are therefore sensitive, extremely intelligent people, endowed with great intuition. They are the people who know the material and spiritual value of money and know how to use it. Innovation, adaptability, intellectual research, are just some of the aspects that distinguish them.

Tarot Swords: Their message in a consultation

When they appear in a stretch, they suggest changes that can also be of great magnitude. They are generally linked to phases that bring with them new beginnings and novelties.

In love, they suggest the need for commitment and dedication. With your partner you have the opportunity to live a fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

Professionally, the Swords propose leadership skills, ability to set up new projects, but also courage and determination in the work.

In the financial field, they signal that they have an eye for the opportunities that arise, listen to people’s needs, give confidence to new ideas and adapt to the situation.

If you happen to see them often during a consultation then it means that there are very intense doubts that grip you, know that the path is full of obstacles, but if you learn to face them and manage them with mastery they will take on a new form much more suited to your abilities.

Work hard to achieve results that meet your expectations, but also ingenuity and cunning in business negotiations, because success is at your fingertips. You just have to try to fully understand the meaning of the cards to find a new method with which to deal with the various events that will present themselves to you in everyday life.