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Love Tarot: Method to Discover the Destiny of Your Relationship

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Method of the Tarot of Love

The Tarot of Love is the name given to a method of using tarot cards to find out how good your relationship will be and what its fate is.

Thanks to this card game you can find out if the feelings you have for each other are true and mutual.

The draft is composed of 22 Major Arcana, from which you will have to draw 3 cards that will give you an idea of how much love there is in this relationship at the moment, but also what its future may hold and if it is destined to last or to go wrong.

The game works like this:

  1. The first card will indicate the past situation
  2. The second card will talk about the present one
  3. The third will show you what awaits you in the future

You must not forget that no one can change the past, the present is at your disposal and only the future depends on us.

The cards in a Tarot deck don't indicate whether yours will be a "happily ever after" style story or if you should leave as soon as possible. They talk about what each of you can put into this relationship, what you can give to the other and not just the possibilities you have.

If the three cards reveal that your relationship is healthy, but that it will only last for a certain period (because there is nothing eternal in life), this should be seen by both of you as a motivation to make the most of the time spent together.

What questions can we use to receive correct answers with the Tarot of Love?

You can use the tarot to answer questions about any of your relationships. You may ask why you are in a certain situation, for example. You may also want to ask how the person you love sees you and what they think of you. The questions should only be about the current situation or what will happen and not the past.

Here are some questions you could ask the cards:

1) What will be the attitude of my beloved towards me in the future?

2) What will be my partner's attitude towards me if I start behaving like this or so?

3) Should we stay together or separate?

4) Could you ask a more particular question like "Does he/she love me or not?"

Will cards in love help you solve problems in the couple's relationship?

The Love Tarot has been useful to many people in matters of love. By asking the cards, you can get a better view of your current love situation and how it might turn out. Cards can answer questions about your partner's attitude towards you, for example. There are also several questions you can ask related to future situations. One of the most important things with the tarot is their answer and interpretation does not offer predictions about what will happen, but only a general guide on what is happening or what are the desires of your couple.

How can the Tarot help me discover desires or what my partner thinks and feels?

Cards can give you an idea or answers about the needs, desires, and emotions of the person you think of. It all depends on the question you ask, in fact you could also ask how he/she feels about you and whether or not he will remain in your life. The answer to your question could also be tied to a general idea of what your partner thinks and feels for the future.

Will the Love Tarot also refer to feelings as doubts or fears?

You can ask the cards to tell you what fears, insecurities, or doubts your loved one has about you. You can also ask if he/she is afraid of losing you and if this is causing a problem in the relationship. Based on the tarot card that will come out you will have to try to figure out what will help him overcome his fear.

Sensitivity in this case is necessary to be able to solve a certain problem in your relationship. The consultation, however, will not necessarily be a real verdict, but only an advice and that is precisely why we talk about sensitivity, because it will be up to you to find a way to understand the intentions of your soul mate and be able to make the love between you flourish again!

Can the Tarot of Love also talk about future prospects in relationships? Like, for example, the need to start a family?

If the questions are about the future, you can use tarot and cartomancy predictively. As already mentioned, however, this form of divination only gives you clues and cannot accurately predict events. In addition, you will have to interpret yourself what your soulmate thinks about creating a family or having children. It is not always easy to understand what is happening in the heart of another person.

What are the most important things I should keep in mind?

Before you start a tarot reading, you need to make sure that your intentions and questions are well formulated so that the cards are not too vague. Ask yourself what exactly you would like to know, rather than asking generically about the future. In this way, you will get an answer with more depth and can draw conclusions based on this information.

Are there any pitfalls to avoid when using tarot cards for love?

It's not always easy to interpret tarot readings correctly, so start by asking simple questions about your relationship or what your partner thinks of you.

There are very particular cards in a reading of this type that when they are related to certain situations in love give a much deeper meaning. These are:

  • The Moon
  • Lovers
  • The Strength

The Moon

When the moon card comes out in a love tarot reading it is usually a sign of a hidden situation. In many cases, this means that something or someone has been hidden from you by the person who is dating right now.


This card in a consultation shows that you need to share your love with another person and also very positive for your future. Reading could also be a reminder to reconnect with someone on an emotional level.

The Strength

There are many times in life when we feel emotionally strong but physically weak. The Strength card in a Marseille Tarot reading reminds you to assert yourself, to be in control, and to chase what you want. It encourages us to have a positive attitude and good ethics in love and business.

Love is a complicated thing. It is full of fears or insecurities that can hinder true happiness. If you want to know what a person really feels for you or if they have fears related to starting a family, cartomancy could help you!

The Love Tarot will give you clues about what might be going through his mind so it's up to us as human beings to use these insights for good and work to solve our problems together. Tarot reading and cartomancy in general are not a precise oracle but only a way to understand what your next step could be!