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Temperance Tarot Combination: All Meanings

Temperance combination tarot

In this article we will address all the various meanings of the combinations with Temperance in the Tarot. The Temperance card in a Tarot reading often reflects balance, both psychological and physical. When appearing in a Tarot reading, the consultant is urged to seek balance and balance in all aspects of his life: relationships, career, finances and health.

The Temperance card represents moderation and containment, not complete abstinence but appropriate control or maybe just letting go! You know that you have achieved this sense of harmony when you feel relaxed inside and in your life, when you feel at peace with the world and the stress of everyday life has been eliminated.

The Temperance Charter is an affirmation that moderation is necessary to achieve success. You need to be selective about how you spend your energy if you want to accomplish something important. Don’t try to do too much or take responsibility for other people. Let’s now analyze all the various combinations with this card!

Temperance Tarot combination with The Fool: The Perfect Partnership

The Fool is everything about taking risks and opening new paths, while Temperance represents the wisdom of knowing when it is better not to act. The combination of these two cards in a Tarot reading means that you are at your best when you take calculated risks, knowing that hard work will be rewarded. You probably have an innate sense of when to risk it and don’t need too much advice from others.

Temperance Tarot combination with The Magician: This pairing is all about control

The Magician is known for his incredible focus and focus on a single goal, while Temperance indicates the importance of teamwork and resource sharing. The combination of these two cards means that you have great inner strength and know how to direct your resources towards the most fruitful activity. You are probably a cunning businessman who has mastered his competitive instincts.

Temperance Combination Tarot with the High Priestess: A strong Independence

The combination of these two cards reflects a very organized person who does not easily distract himself from the task at hand. You have a keen intellect and can juggle many different tasks at once, giving the right priorities in accordance with your goals. Very often you find yourself working for yourself or managing one of your projects, you love to be independent!

Temperance + The Empress: A Perfect Balance

The Empress is all fertility, abundance and creativity, while Temperance represents self-control and discipline. This card pairing means you’re surrounded by beauty, luxury, and pleasure. The key is to be able to maintain inner peace in the midst of all this abundance because it can easily lead to greed or indulgence.

Temperance + The Emperor: This is about exercising your authority

The emperor is known for his steady hand and character or personality, while Temperance represents vision and clarity. With this pairing in a Tarot reading, you can go to the top because you are blessed with natural authority, the ability to make the right decisions under pressure, and healthy self-discipline.

Temperance + the Pope: A well-balanced religious life

The Pope is known for his role as spiritual authority and order, while Temperance represents vision and clarity. This is a pairing between two cards that provide balance means that you follow the rules of your religion and at the same time have a strong sense of spirituality. You enjoy working with others and may be involved in teaching or running an organization within your personal circle.

Temperance + lovers: Pay attention to your desire

The lovers’ card is about physical attraction and impulsive choices, while Temperance represents self-control. This pairing means you crave intimacy, but you are also very selective about the people you choose to share your life with. When your feelings develop too quickly, you’re likely to get irritated. This makes you lose control and create your own rules, which you probably don’t want to do.

Temperance + The Chariot: This pair of cards is all about self-realization

The Chariot is a symbol of ambition and drive, while temperance indicates endless possibilities. You are on the right track to realizing your full potential, especially if you feel unhappy in your current situation. You are intuitive and always attract opportunities for growth, which can make you impatient.

Temperance Combinations Tarot with Justice: You are in a good place

The Justice Charter represents fairness, ethics and justice, while Temperance represents self-control. Your observational skills and sense of integrity inspire others to respect you. You know when to be flexible and how much power is enough when making decisions. You also know how much freedom is needed for optimal growth so you are on the right track to fulfilling your desires.

Temperance + Hanged Man: You need some space

Hanged Man is all about looking at things from an alternative perspective, while Temperance indicates balance. This card matching means you’re stuck between what you think you want and what’s actually inside you. You are looking for a “way out” when your feelings are in the way. This can be when you feel the need to separate yourself from a person or situation.

Temperance Tarot combination with Death: Be Aware of New Beginnings

Death is a card about change and transformation. This pairing is very powerful because it means you’re experiencing a lot of changes to keep your life in balance. It is about recognizing the forces at work, along with an opportunity for positive growth. You need to take things slowly and don’t rush into something new or important until you feel fully prepared.

Temperance + The Devil: You’re not afraid to take risks

The Devil is the card of temptation, slavery and the material world. Temperance is about refraining from impulsive choices while responding to an internal push toward something new. This implies that you can make valid judgments when you are under stress, even if your inner voice pushes you to do something different. You are able to separate yourself from the impulses and are willing to take on more responsibility.

Temperance Tarot combination with The Tower: Things Are Getting Out of Control

The Tower is the card of chaos, destruction and unpredictability, while Temperance represents the exact opposite. This matching means that your life is in turmoil due to a situation that is out of your control. This could be a time when a person or situation has to leave your life because it will only cause chaos from here on.

Temperance + The Stars: You are down to earth

The Stars means hope, renewal and inspiration. In this pairing, Temperance represents feeling rooted and connected to the elements of the earth. This combination of cards means that you will find balance through your spiritual practices or by communicating with nature. You are very emotionally intelligent and know how to take care of yourself during a crisis.

Temperance Tarot combination with the Moon: Things are not always as they seem

The Moon is about thoughts and dreams, while the Temperance chart indicates balance. This match means that you are connecting with your subconscious mind, which allows you to make powerful spiritual changes in your life. You’re able to connect both ends of the spectrum, that shows how wise you are!

Temperance + Sun: You are on a positive path

The Sun represents optimism and joy. This pairing means that you are full of goodwill and feel that your life is going in the right direction. You don’t feel stuck or hindered by any obstacle right now because you know how to find happiness within yourself.

Temperance + Judgment: Accept what you have in front of you

This is one of the most powerful couples because it means that everything is perfect right now. The Last Judgment means having faith and believing in your abilities. You are able to accept change, no matter how difficult it may be, knowing that the end result will make your life better. Change is a scary thing, but it can be powerful when you allow yourself to let go.

Temperance + World: You have what you need

This pairing represents success and fulfilment in life, because let’s face it who wouldn’t want it? The World means having everything you’ve ever wanted and feeling satisfied with your results. If this combination has appeared, it means that you are headed towards a bright future!