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Tower Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Tower combination tarot

In this new article we will talk about all the combinations of the Tower in the Tarot of Marseille. As you can imagine there are a lot of them, so let’s take it one step at a time…

When the Tower appears in a reading, you immediately want to know what kind of event is going to happen. For this reason, attention is often paid directly to its interpretation, without paying attention to the other cards that may affect it or be affected by it. While this is not a wrong way to read the cards, in my opinion it would be better to read them in context: with all the other cards in the arrangement and their relationships.

The Tower represents one of the events most feared by a consultant: something that from the outside looks like a catastrophe or a complete demolition. In fact, its appearance tells us that something has changed in our lives.

It is often difficult for the person who draws the card to understand what this change may be because it brings with it a feeling of fear, but if you work on yourself and your fears, at some point you will recognize the message among everything else.

The Tower tells us that a phase is over and now it’s time to build something new, but before you can do it you have to destroy the old. This interpretation may seem like changing one door for another in your life, but not always! Remember that sometimes someone builds their own house on top of a maze; when this happens the Tower is an indication that you should work on your fears or that you need to re-evaluate your life or relationship with someone important.

The Tower Tarot also tells us to be careful about what we desire because before we get it we may have to go through a difficult situation. Let’s now analyze what all the combinations are!

Tower Combination Tarot with the Fool

The main problem in this reading is that the consultant may behave immaturely. This combination represents someone who has not yet reached mental maturity and needs to go through a difficult period so that he can develop skills to better plan things in his life.

Tower Tarot combination with the Magician:

When this combination appears in a reading, the consultant is often focused on material things and is not balanced. Another possible interpretation of this pairing concerns the changes that move it from one place to another.

The Tower + High Priestess

This couple indicates that what will happen soon is related to the fears and religious beliefs of the consultant. Remember that in some cases, your fears can be a safe haven.

The Tower + Empress

This combination appears in a reading when the person is ready to make changes, but needs to wait for something or someone before they can act. In love and relationships, this pairing represents a person who feels that his partner is very distant or that he behaves differently. The consultant should be patient and wait for the right moment if he wants things to improve. In the work this combination may indicate big changes coming.

The Tower + Emperor

This is the protector matching that helps people grow, although he may sometimes feel like he needs help himself. The consultant should remember that nothing happens overnight and it is important not to rush things. In love and relationships this pairing represents a problem or a betrayal, in work it can mean that you have to follow your intuition.

Tower Tarot combination with the Pope

This combination is positive because it means that you have everything under control, but also that you do not have to claim to be perfect. In the workplace, this may indicate the need to change jobs or tasks.

The Tower + The Lovers

This often appears in readings when there are difficulties with friends or family members. It’s time to take a little distance and look at yourself with a different perspective.

In work and in love, the coupled Tower + Lovers means that there can be difficulties with the people closest to you. Sometimes we can understand those people by looking at ourselves and what makes us react to them.

The Tower + Chariot

If you don’t get what you want from your surroundings, this reflects your desire to dominate it. In love, this pairing means you need to be more dynamic and show initiative if you want things to get better. In the job, it can mean upcoming changes or great opportunities that the consultant should not hesitate to pursue.

The Tower + Justice:

This pairing tells us that you are focused more on your point of view than on what is happening around you. It may indicate feelings of helplessness or passivity. In love, this combination can mean betrayal. He must be careful because someone close to you has not been totally honest and you need to observe his actions more carefully.

The Tower + Hermit:

This pairing may indicate that the consultant is stuck in a negative cycle and needs to break his routine. The Hermit shows us that the person has no friends around him who can help him overcome difficulties. In work, it represents involvement in projects with very specific goals, which may not be what he wants to do in the long term.

The Tower + The Wheel:

This is a positive combination that indicates that the consultant has the opportunity to grow and become stronger. In love, it can indicate that there may be difficulties at home and that he should wait for the ideal moment to express his feelings. In work, this pairing means starting a new job or earning more.

The Tower + Strength

This is a pairing that indicates a strong personal power, but sometimes the person needs to share this strength with other people. In love, it’s time to overcome problems together and don’t let fear or uncertainty stop you from being happy. In the work, you will have good ideas and a lot of creativity.

The Tower + the Hanged Man

In this case, you need to focus on yourself and not let the actions of others bother you. This is a pairing that tells us realizes that you should trust your feelings more.

In work and love, this combination means that you need time for yourself right now because you are too busy with other things. You can not forget what you feel and you should work on your relationships.

The Tower + Death

Don’t be afraid to make changes, and realize that sometimes you need to destroy something in order to build it again. In love, this pairing can mean a crisis in a relationship or the end. In fact, it is likely that the other person has changed and will not be able to continue as before.

Instead, in work, it tells you that you have to be brave and change things that no longer work. You have a lot of good ideas, but maybe they weren’t used because at first glance they seemed risky or impractical. Now it’s time to take advantage of it!

The Tower + Temperance

Another positive pairing that tells us about your need to return to what has already been done. You can’t afford to overlook experiences because they are part of who you are now. In love, it’s time to understand the importance of trust in a relationship.

In the work, this combination tells you that it is important not to lose sight of anything and be able to take advantage of opportunities even if they seem insignificant.

Tower combination Tarot with the Devil

This pairing represents a challenge and your desire to overcome it can make you stronger and better prepared for the future. It indicates that the person may need a momentum, something unusual or unexpected, to regain motivation and energy. In love, this combination means that you are neglecting what is really significant in your life.

In work, it means that the person lacks grit and needs to be more persistent to achieve goals. He will have to change his way of thinking about things to be successful.

The Tower + The Stars

It’s time to stop worrying about the past or the future. You have to live in the present! At work, you’ll know exactly what to do to improve your productivity.

The Tower + The Moon

Don’t let others control your life, and think about yourself instead of relying on what you’re told by other people. This pair symbolizes a change that is necessary in your life. You will have to be brave, perhaps even without considering the consequences, if you want to get what you really want in all areas of your life.

Tower combination Tarot with the Sun

Congratulations! You’re on the right track and it’s time to meet people who can help you grow and learn more about yourself. Mark your willingness to trust your intuition and follow it, even if others don’t seem to share your belief. In the work, this means that you are doing things right, so continue on the same path! You have great ideas that deserve to be put into practice.

Tower combination Tarot with Judgment

This is a sign of hope. You will be able to make important changes and improve your life. In love, you will feel more relaxed and be able to communicate your feelings better.

In the work, you will complete the tasks successfully, but you will not always get due credit or recognition for his efforts. This is a sign that it is time to change and move in another direction where there is more recognition and appreciation.

Tower Tarot combination with the World

It may seem like everything is falling apart, but you are on the right track and you will emerge stronger than ever! This pairing represents a crisis that, once overcome, will free you from limitations and allow you to start something new. You will be able to open up to other people and create a more meaningful life. In the work, it means that you will have to make a major change to be successful. You may also have to leave your current job if things don’t get better soon.