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Tarot Wands: Meaning

The Wands in the Tarot are related to spirituality, inspiration, passion and instinct. It therefore refers to emotions, to everything that flows without precise control.

The element to which it is linked is Fire, therefore something ardent and deeply linked to human nature. Speaking of zodiac, the zodiac signs belonging to this element are:

  • Ram
  • Lion
  • Sagittarius

They are therefore indomitable people, with a strong character and suffering from a certain pride. They are passionate, instinctive and often irrational. When these kinds of cards appear in a draft, often and willingly referred to all the emotions related to the ego.

In addition, these are the cards that can refer to awareness and therefore to responsible behavior towards one’s actions. They are a symbol of inner strength and power. When the cards appear in the negative they are a warning regarding illusory situations, delusions of grandeur, selfishness.

Tarot Wands: What do they mean in a stretch?

During a stretch, if these kinds of cards come out often, then it means that you are in doubt about something deeply related to your being, you do not really know where you are going and that therefore your behaviors are irrational and instinctive.

The cards will help you find an answer, but you will have to put into practice all the tips if you want the situation to change. Make an examination of conscience regarding your attitudes, your weaknesses. Thanks to the advice you will find you will be able to resume certain situations that made you feel lost and disoriented, most likely you will have to change your path and take a step back and then start walking towards a much more concrete future.

Something that will make you feel much more confident in your choices that, since they are often instinctive, sin of rationality. Following instinct is not wrong, but you have to do it with knowledge of the facts and with the right spirit of adaptation.