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Wheel Tarot Combinations: All Meanings

Wheel combination tarot

In this article, we will find out what are the combinations of the Wheel in the Tarot. The Wheel of Fortune card in the major arcana is the most remarkable of all the Tarot cards, because it represents a great metaphor present in many cultures. The wheel of fortune has an important symbolic meaning linked to fate and fate. There are many possible combinations with this card that lead us to different meanings, let’s discover them all!

Wheel Tarot combinations with The Fool

The Fool is another card of the Major Arcana with a very significant meaning and when it is combined with the wheel it can represent a new beginning, usually positive. It means there will be a change in what you are doing and how you live your life. In love, the combination means that if you are single, you will meet someone who will change your life. If you’re in a relationship, indicate that the relationship is about to end and it’s time for a change. At work, the combination means that you will be offered a new job.

The Wheel + The Magician

They can indicate that you are using your creativity positively. Your talents and skills will be recognized by others, and this will open up new opportunities for you. The combination of love means that there is an opportunity to start a new relationship with someone who is very different from anyone who has been involved before. This also implies that you will be able to make a healthy financial profit in your business.

The Wheel + The High Priestess

This combination indicates that there is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and wisdom. You will find yourself asking questions about what you really want in life and what you need to do to get it. In love, this means that you will meet someone who is very different from everyone you have been involved with before. At work, it means you’re on the right track to achieve your goals.

Wheel Tarot Combinations with The Empress

In the presence of the Empress, the Wheel of Fortune card indicates that you will find it easy to manage both family and work. You feel confident in your abilities and what you have achieved so far. In love, talk about a healthy relationship with a lot of stability, warmth, and security. In the job, it means you will be given more responsibility for your role.

The Wheel + The Emperor

This pairing suggests that you will be judged for your ability to make responsible decisions and maintain stability. In love, relationships are very stable at the moment and there is a lot of affection between partners. It can also mean a commitment to marry or have children together. At work, talk about a better reward for your efforts.

The Wheel + The Pope

You feel that there is some tension within your religious or spiritual beliefs and it is time to discover a new way of thinking. In love, the combination of the Wheel of Fortune with the Pope means that you will soon experience a new kind of relationship with someone, but it may end up breaking. At work, your colleagues will discover something you have done and this could cause tension between you and them.

Wheel Tarot combination Lovers

This combination is very positive and suggests that you should enjoy the moment and live life to the fullest. There will be no negative consequences in love. Any relationship you have will be much better than before. At work, it tells you that the risk you’re taking right now will be worth it.

The Wheel + The Chariot

It suggests that your life is full of changes and even though a lot of things are happening, you are coping well with whatever happens. Luck is on your side right now and you should take advantage of it. In love, the combination means that there is a lot to do with your partner right now and he may want to make changes in the way he lives his life. In business, the Wheel of Fortune tells you not to hesitate before seizing an opportunity because it could lead to success.

Wheel Tarot combination Justice

In this combination, the Wheel of Fortune suggests that you are experiencing a period of stability and order. In love, your partner is correct with you and there is no need for jealousy or suspicion. This is a good time to act in business because there will be important facts and figures.

The Wheel + The Hermit

You are realistic about your life and don’t waste time doing things that won’t benefit you when you’re older. In love, this card suggests that there is a need to re-evaluate all relationships at the moment because they may not be as healthy as before. It’s time to take a break from work.

The Wheel + The Strength

You will need to be patient with other people and take into account their thoughts and feelings before making decisions. This combination suggests that if you try, success will not be far off. In love, it means that there is something you need to know about your partner’s life. At work, talk about an opportunity that comes at the right time to propel your career forward.

Wheel combinations Tarot and Hanged Man

You have to stop worrying and enjoy what you have now. Don’t think about the future, but focus on this moment because you’re doing well right now. In love, couples recommend that there’s a reason to be worried about your partner and you can’t afford to let it run. At work, the combination speaks of a long-term plan that will require patience and commitment from everyone involved.

The Wheel + Death

You need to focus on the current situation. Remember the past if you have to, but take this time to get rid of the old habits that prevent you from moving forward. In love, talk about a change in the state of the relationship for a partner. At work, it means that your support is required, even if others would prefer not to.

The Wheel + Temperance

It suggests that it’s time to set your own standards and not allow others to influence you. You need to quickly take control of the situation or you will be left behind. In love, this is a prelude to a new relationship experience. At work, the combination warns against excessive attention to what others are doing.

Wheel Tarot combinations with The Devil

You may feel like you’re losing control of your life right now, but that’s not true. You can achieve anything you want if you work hard enough. In love, couples suggest that there is a temptation at the moment and your partner will need to make some difficult decisions regarding his relationship status. On the job, you have to avoid anything that could lead to legal problems or simply could be discussions.

The Wheel + the Tower

This is a great time for new opportunities and you should not hesitate to take advantage of them. In love, it is important not to be judgmental towards your partner and give him enough space to understand what he wants. At work, success will be short-lived, and you should enjoy the moment because it will not last long.

The Wheel + The Stars

This is a period of stability and peace, and it is important not to make any sudden moves that could ruin everything you have achieved so far. In love, this suggests that your relationship is set in a time of peace and stability. At work, not everything is as it seems and you should be cautious about the motivations behind certain actions.

Wheel Tarot combination with the Moon

You should avoid making decisions right now because your judgment may be clouded by feelings that don’t really exist. In love, suggest that there may be changes coming that were not expected. At work, it means that your plans will have to be changed because there is a lack of trust with someone close to you.

The Wheel + the Sun

You will have to realize that your life is in great shape right now. If you make mistakes, you can always correct them later, try to let go. In love, it speaks of a period when partners will spend less and less time together. In the work, the combination means that you will have to increase your efforts to beat competitors.

The Wheel + Judgment

You have to take into account that the risks taken now could lead to great success later. There is an opportunity for you to take advantage of the situation, but you need to be careful with your decisions. In love, this suggests that a partner may have trouble opening up emotionally. At work, there are plenty of opportunities to improve yourself and move forward in your career if you’re willing to put in the effort.

The Wheel + The World

You’ll have to make a decision about how you really feel about your life right now. It’s time to put yourself first and stop worrying about what others think. In love, this is a powerful combination that indicates a major change in the state of the relationship for one of the partners. At work, he suggests that you will have the chance to travel and learn new things.