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Free Online Tarot: Discover your Future

Welcome to the Free Tarot website, here you can find an answer to all
your questions. Whether it’s love, work or luck, our tarot cards will try to light your way.

Are free tarot cards true?

free tarot

The tarot is always true, and a good fortune-teller is able to read them as correctly as possible only after developing a deep experience with them.

Unfortunately, however, it is not always easy to find the tarologist that best suits your needs and therefore we rely on the free tarot available online. The main fear is that these tarots, if not made by an expert, will completely lose their meaning. You should be happy to know that this is not the case!

Free Tarot Reading Tips

Free online tarot cards are reliable and are able to give an answer to all your questions. But there are conditions you need to follow:

  • Sincerity. This is the most important factor, you must always be honest with yourself. Any question or desire must have a kernel of truth. What does this mean? Simple, you need to be in tune with your feelings, do not ask the cards if something will come true if you do not really want it. You may receive a confusing and conflicting answer.
  • Mental calm. Agitation, anger, anxiety… These are all feelings that will “dirty” the result. Before proceeding, you should relax, clear your mind and rebalance your mood. Only in this way will you be able to get a sincere answer.
  • Do not consult them too often. The cards should not be consulted compulsively, you should ask them about once a month. This is the period in which on average events tend to change, and the cards are able to give you a precise answer.
  • Better online tarot than doing it yourself. Free tarot reading is able to give a precise answer to your question. This is because in the result of each card is also given its description. Be careful, however, this does not mean that you can not make the cards yourself. Indeed, you should do it, in fact in this way you could get better results than an online spread, but you should trust the reading only after having had the necessary experience in this regard. The tarot always takes us, but only if they are interpreted correctly. If you do not trust, if your questions need a deep answer, then it is time to rely on an experienced fortune-teller.

The Meaning of the Tarot

The Tarot is divided into 78 cards, and all of them contain a different meaning. Each of them reflects what we are currently experiencing in our lives, but not only… In fact, they are also able to highlight events from our past that have profoundly marked and changed us.

The Major Arcana

The first group of the tarot is represented by the Major Arcana, these highlight the various aspects of our lives. Everything that influences us and makes us lean towards certain choices. In total, there are 22 cards all numbered, except one, namely the Fool. This card is considered as the initial journey, that is, the path that this character faces during his journey, ideally it is identified as the first card of the deck, but in reality it could also be considered as the last, since its deepest meaning is precisely the new beginning towards something unexpected. It is important to remember that cards do not represent an imposition, but only and exclusively a suggestion.

List of Major Arcana

The Minor Arcana in the Free Tarot

The Minor Arcana are the other 56 cards in the deck and further divided into four other suits of 14 cards:

All these cards give us an even deeper meaning. Even in the case of free tarot, they try to make the reading as clear as possible. Allowing us to understand which aspects we should focus on the most. As in most of the cards, also in these there are the figures of the King, the Queen, and the Fante while the rest of the other cards start from the Ace up to the number ten.

Seed of Cups:

Seed of Pentacles

Seed of Swords

Seed of Wands

Tarot Combinations:

Each card in the deck has its own meaning and wants to indicate to the consultant what are the best strategies to undertake a certain path. However, what makes one meaning unique compared to another is linked to the combinations. These deepen the message the Arcana wants to convey and clarify the situation by giving more and more precise information about it.

Below are the combinations of the cards in the Tarot:

Origin of the Tarot

Origin of the Tarot

There is no date or period that can indicate the true origin of this particular game. It is presumed to derive from the ancient Egyptians, but this is not a certain answer. In fact, it seems that some scholars have recognised some of the Major Arcana on hieroglyphics, but there is no definite answer to that. These are also recognised in the Book of Thoth, a book from the Egyptian era and made famous because it was created in honour of King Thoth, the creator of speech and hieroglyphics.

Apparently, however, there are many other links to the origin of the tarot, including the game of chess, given the similarity of the King, Queen and Knight with those of the tarot figures (King, Queen and Jack). It seems that the tarot game was then taken around Europe by the Gypsies, the world’s greatest diviners.