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The Moon Tarot: Full Meaning of the Card

The Moon Tarot

The Moon is the Major Arcane number 18 in the Tarot. This card is linked to the unconscious, to all those things that are not yet clear to us and that must be analyzed thoroughly. The Moon wants to tell us that we must try to understand ancient traditions, symbols and ideograms.

The Moon in the Tarot is a card linked to mystery and therefore requires a lot of study and knowledge to interpret it in the best way. This card invites us to reflect on the past, on the ancient secrets, on the unknown. During the night significant visions of our soul (our subconscious) but also of the dark force that is present in our lives may appear.

We need a long night’s sleep to be able to recover from the effort and face new problems, thus healing our soul. When the Moon appears, it is always an evil, a failure that we are suffering or through which we are passing. The Moon is therefore related to everything that is hidden but also secret in us.

The card in question is also linked to the ancient, to all the enigmas of our past and therefore we must never underestimate it. It invites us to explore secret places that lie outside the reality seen and touched by all of us. Our unconscious seeks an in-depth analysis on our part in order to give us something important and useful that we must therefore know and recognize in order to be able to grow.

The Moon Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

The Moon in the Tarot represents some situation that we feel or have to face and in case it appears upright, then it will mean that we are in a deceptive situation that concerns love. In this case, the Moon speaks of deception, difficult moments, unawareness and betrayal. Through inner confrontation and analysis of ourselves, we can understand to whom or what this card refers.

Meaning in Love:

In this case it speaks of a lover who is taking advantage of you, of a moment of deep deception. Someone who is making fun of your feelings, who has a very ambiguous and difficult to understand attitude.It is not a positive card, you may find yourself entangled in situations that you do not want, that are not wanted and that weigh on you.

The latter invites us to rediscover the meaning of love at any cost, even through past emotions in order to understand what happened, to finally get in touch with our past. Of course this will prove difficult and painful, but there is no alternative.

Meaning in the Work:

Talk about betrayals, people who want to make fun of you or who talk to you behind your back. Better to be on your guard! At this time, you should also focus on your private sphere more than on that of work, trying not to have excessive worries. Beware of any colleague or boss who may behave falsely towards you.

Meaning of the Tarot Moon in Money:

Unclear investments, risk of a huge loss of money. Beware of the unexpected and try not to give all your savings to one person. This card speaks of an unfortunate period, in which you are entangled in uncomfortable situations.

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The Moon Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

The Moon Tarot Reversed

The card in question means that we are going through a moment of deep sadness, despair, and pessimism. This card in the Tarot also represents that inexplicable anxiety linked to the unconscious, to everything that scares us sooner or later in life and even if we do not want to, in the end we will face it.

It therefore invites us to analyse, our present without getting caught up in the stress that could cause us many headaches, it must be taken more as a warning related to a deception or some unpleasant event that will occur in a short time. This, in the negative character, must always be seen in perspective and is always linked to the past.

Meaning in Love

We are facing a moment of deep distrust and therefore the end of an important relationship that you thought would last forever. The card also talks about a danger that comes from others and that is causing you great discomfort.

Meaning in the work:

You are facing a moment of deep insecurity, you need to pay special attention, especially in relation to some bosses or colleagues who have a very ambiguous attitude towards you. It is not a card that speaks of betrayal, but more of a period of great difficulty and discomfort where you will have to be on guard.

Meaning in money:

The card speaks of a very unfortunate and uncomfortable period, and therefore it is necessary to give space to this stress in everything we do. Be careful how you invest your money, it will be better not to take big risks right now.

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