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The Devil Tarot: Meaning of the Card

The Devil Tarot
Devil Tarot

The Devil in the Tarot is the Arcane number 15 of the Major Arcana and represents vices, passions and everything related to pride. The Devil is not a “devil” as we imagine him; it represents all the passions and vices of man. The Tarot lists them as: pride, avarice, gluttony, lust, and anger.

In some versions of the card, they are represented by the five-pointed star (the pentagram) symbolizing man (the human head), then there is a devil who holds high its representative symbols; a skull (greed), a cup of wine (the throat), a chalice full of gold coins (pride). In addition, there are two snakes that represent lust and anger.

In the most common versions of paper, instead we find the devil standing on a cubic pedestal, with two other chained devils, a symbol of the vices that you do not want to abandon.

The Devil Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

When in the Tarot the Devil comes out upright, it means that you are on the verge of an emotional explosion, which could be negative. You’re about to give in to your emotions and instincts, so don’t do it! You should be able to control your feelings and avoid the most dangerous roads.

You may have fallen in love with a person who does not make you feel as good as it should, with this card toxic relationships are common, where selfishness and jealousy often result in furious quarrels, even violent. There are frequent love stories that end because we let ourselves be conditioned by the other, as if we had no say in the matter; all this causes a general rebellion against all the authorities (usually external).

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Or you may have vices that have taken over your life. For example, gambling, smoking, or alcohol are all whims that you should eliminate for a long time. You may also be taken by greed and not want to share your possessions with the people you love, or simply be annoyed by them.

Everyone must recognize their vices and find ways to get rid of them. However, there are situations in life where it is impossible to eliminate them altogether. You should therefore try to find your own balance.

Meaning in Love:

In the field of love, the Devil presages a relationship that is going through a crisis. If you are single, this card brings temptations and changes in the heart; someone could come into your life and turn your world upside down. You can also meet an old friend who complicates things or simply makes you a problem.

Meaning in the Work:

In the workplace, as well as in love, this card warns of a serious crisis that you will not be able to avoid. In any case, today’s difficulties will not last long, and tomorrow everything will return to normal. Be careful if you are looking for a job: do not fall into the trap of bad speculation.

The Devil Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

Devil Tarot reversed

When in the Tarot the devil appears reversed, it has a much stronger meaning than the straight version. That is, it means that you are emotionally dominated by some vice but that you can not in any way control it, there are whims that you can not abandon and that in the long run could make you feel bad. It can happen that you fall into temptation too many times, so check and recover before falling into the abyss.

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Most often and as a matter of practicality, the meanings of the cards are not fixed. The Devil is referred to as a figure who represents the challenge between good and evil, the struggle between bad and good.

The Devil’s Card can also be interpreted as an unhappy love or that you are neglecting something you have been involved in for a long time. Try to be rational, otherwise you risk suffering a lot.

It is usually said that there is not a single interpretation for this card, on the contrary, all interpretations are right at different times and situations. Surely the meaning changes depending on the location or the cards to which it is located. But overall it always remains of great importance in the interpretation that it is suggesting that you scale back your way of life which could be highly dangerous. 

Meaning in Love:

When interpreting the devil’s card, you should consider it with caution. This is because this card can represent an unhealthy relationship or bad choices that you have made in your life and that are now negatively affecting your love life.

Meaning in the work

It is best to be vigilant when the devil appears in reverse in a reading at work. The card can indicate a lack of control in one’s life that is damaging professional responsibilities. When this card appears, it’s important that you go back and examine your life choices in an effort to find out what needs to be adjusted or improved.