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The High Priestess Tarot: Meaning

High Priestess Tarot

The High Priestess in the Tarot is the Card No.2 of the Tarot. She represents a strong woman, wise and full of harmony. She is a woman who has managed to overcome many obstacles and who is able to live life only with her own strength. It also represents fidelity and balance.

The Tarot High Priestess: Meaning Upright

This card indicates that you must trust what you think, your feelings towards the world are correct and that what your instinct tells you is pure truth. It is as if you had an intuition that will take you very far, it represents the light at the end of the tunnel, or the truth. Every change is favourable and pushes you to bring out that part of you that hides in your subconscious.

The people around you may not make you as happy as you would like, so you will have to find the right strength only in your person. This is the key to getting far. Thanks to your instinct, in fact, you could discover potential that until now you thought you did not have. It is a very beautiful card, a symbol of enormous spiritual growth.

Meaning in Love:

In love life, you are a very lonely person, despite the fact that you like to be in company. You doubt anyone and think people are made just to hurt you. However, you have to try to trust someone as well as your family, otherwise you will find yourself alone and this is why you will not have much luck in love. In this card you may also meet someone who possesses all the required requirements, do not stop hoping.

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If you are single we advise you to try to let go, despite being a very closed person and with a difficult character you could expect everything you want from a person. You will only have to believe in it and be optimistic otherwise you will never get anywhere. And if you have decided to close your heart to everyone, you can find someone who will take care of you and teach you to love again. The danger in this case is regrets, so try not to close your heart forever.

Meaning in the Work:

Here is a card of great battle, which will ask you to have resourcefulness and courage. It suggests that you be 100% determined in the work because only in this way will you be able to achieve the desired results. In this game, your cynicism will prove to be very useful because it will take you far without even letting you breathe among the challenges you will have to face. You have to give your all in what you decide to do, if you have a little more polish and charisma you can be sure that you will be able to manage everything better.

The Tarot High Priestess: Meaning on the Reverse

The Inverted Tarot Pope

If the High Priestess is extracted in reverse it means that the rush is advising you something wrong, it means that you are about to take a wrong path or that you are not yet clear what your path may be. In addition, it can also mean that a truth that you have hidden with so much effort is about to come to the surface or that there are people you should listen to. It’s like you’re making a bad decision and someone is warning you, but apparently you’re not listening to them. In the latter case, it could also be your instinct to indicate that the path you have chosen is not for you. You should therefore consider changing course.

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There are also situations where the card suggests that your attitude is that of a person who is too presumptuous and that to get what you want you are willing to hurt the people around you.

Meaning in Love:

This card recommends that you will find or have in your hands a relationship that should not come to the surface. There is a big secret that grips you, maybe you had a relationship with someone already engaged? Or you love someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feeling.

If the card is on the contrary, however, the meaning worsens, it means that you will probably have relationships in which you will feel under pressure and not happy.

Meaning at Work:

If the consultation was done for the work environment, then it means that you have to wait. There is probably a problem that needs to be solved, a knot that needs to come to the comb, something that is out of your reach. The High Priestess is telling you that it is not something that depends on you, you have to wait.

On the contrary, however, it may mean that there is a big underlying difficulty. Something that you should necessarily keep under control and that may have happened because of you. You have to take responsibility.