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The Stars Tarot: Meaning of the Card

The Stars Tarot
The Stars Tarot

The Stars in the Tarot is the Arcane Number 17 and mainly symbolizes the most useful tips you should notice to progress on your journey. This meaning of the card refers to an intuition that you should take into account and to which you should pay attention. In addition, you can see The Stars as something positive from which you will benefit.

The star card asks you to focus on the soul of things, that is, the deep essence of people in astral space. Work with the basic elements to start something new. In addition, it is connected to the spirit and the upper world of people, so you see the more spiritual side of yourself that you need to pay attention to.

In a general sense, the Stars in the Tarot card represents the light that leads to something better in your day. This card tells you to commit to doing something constructively or achieving goals regarding the present.

The Stars in the Tarot: Meanings of the Card Upright

When The Stars in the Tarot comes out upright, it invites you to find a way to achieve your goal. In this position, the card represents luck and success in the life you are guaranteed.

The stars in the Tarot in a straight position is also linked to the advice of someone who will take care of things and help you improve your prospects. Talk about a fulfilling period, good mood and happiness. You are at a point in your life where you feel calm, without pressure.

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Meaning in love

The card in love represents any aspect of your partner, but as Arcane Number 16 it is tied to all the promises you need to keep.

In other words, it is about the relationships and the spirit that comes from them. In addition to reminding you of the solemnity of so many important relationships, the card in your meeting teleports diversions and mysterious surprises around the two of you.

It symbolizes a relationship that wants constant attention and commitment from both sides. Work hard for this relationship, as it represents your spiritual bond more than anything else. This card is also linked to marriage and other symbolic unions, such as formalizing your relationship with someone.

Meaning in the work

The stars in the Tarot in the field of work is connected to your spirit of doing something good and positive for the world.

When you go out at work, you will be drawn to a challenge that makes you progress in life in unexpected ways. In addition, this card suggests that you are working constructively and practically to achieve your goals.

The Stars provides tips on how to do it effectively. Simply put, it’s a warning to use your time to achieve your goals by focusing only on what really has important value. Talk about success, about a satisfying moment in your life.

Meaning in money

When the Stars card comes out about money, it means you’re getting support and advent from trusted friends to get the best out of your time and investment.

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In other words, they are advising you on how to best conduct your business or how to solve a slightly more difficult financial situation. Your intuition is good, and your path is illuminated, you have very clear ideas, and it will be a surprise when you achieve success, and you can finally show the world how things are.

The Stars in the Tarot: Meanings of the Reverse Card

The Stars Tarot reversed

When the card appears inverted it indicates a difficult moment, there may be moments of discouragement and luck may fail. You may find many obstacles, but also unexpected and not too positive surprises in your life.

The Stars Tarot: Meaning in Love

In love, the card in reverse, could mean that in the relationship there are difficulties to overcome related above all to desires and expectations. Sometimes discomfort can be found in the relationship. At this time, you may feel that your partner is treating you with a certain indifference, without manifesting his emotions to you. The card invites you not to let yourself be seized by panic or feelings of uselessness and bewilderment. It is enough to have a little courage to try to overcome the rock together with your partner.

Meaning in the work:

The reverse card invites you to be cautious in your choice of work. There may be an obstacle in achieving your goal, and you may have to deal with social pressures. It therefore suggests that you be more active in the search for a job and consider any type of job that offers a good opportunity and that can allow you to achieve your professional goals.

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Meaning in money:

The card in the money invites you to carefully check your income and purchases. You may be doing some unnecessary shopping or something that won’t give you satisfaction. Try not to make unnecessary expenses.