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Two of Wands Tarot: Meaning

Two of Wands

The Two of Wands in the Tarot is a card that can be considered as the goal, but it is also a sign of the decision. This meaning encompasses two different possibilities to follow: there may be the final decision in which you are able to get to a point of arrival, or you can decide to back down and start from scratch.

It speaks of calm and a quiet period, of a time when thoughts will pass by themselves and actions will be quiet, as soon as necessary. In this card is associated the quality of being useful, but it also speaks of knowing one’s abilities. It is a card that signals that we must commit ourselves to work and to give the best of ourselves.

Two of Tarot Wands: Meaning to The Right

When the card comes out upright it speaks of a period of success, tranquillity and calm. But not only that, you will feel confident in yourself and be able to handle everything with ease.

  • In love: Everything will be fine, it is a propitious period and there will be no problem that can undermine this relationship. You can enjoy moments of well-being with your partner and if you are single you will not feel the imminent need to slip into a new relationship. It is as if everything is going well for now, you feel free to act and decide!
  • At work: You will be fine with your job position and there will be a harmonious relationship with your colleagues. The days at work will pass in a quiet way and you will not have to worry too much about the difficulties that will be created because they will be easily solved.
  • In money: Luck is on your side, there is no talk of a moment of large money income, but you will be fine anyway. You won’t need anything else.
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Reversed Card Meaning

Two of Wands

In the event that it comes out reversed, it would mean that the period is full of obstacles and various impediments.

  • In love: this period seems to be a prelude to great things, but in order to achieve them you have to work hard. There will be problems to deal with, but everything will be fine and you will have a positive response.
  • At work: difficulties will not be lacking at this time in your life, but even if you find yourself in the darkest corner, you do not have to despair; you will come out of the situation strengthened and with more desire to fight.
  • In money: it will be a period in which earnings will be limited, little can be done and with something less than usual. If you manage to do your best, you won’t notice the difference; indeed you could get small successes that at first will not seem such but then will pay for themselves.

You will sometimes feel the absence of a commitment, so something inside you will give you a feeling of emptiness and nostalgia. These feelings could make you feel passive and unwilling to act on your abilities. In addition, you will have difficulty recognizing your limitations and you will risk criticizing yourself too much. This situation shows that you do not have the strength to choose the right path, you will have to work hard to find those moments you had when you were at peace with yourself.