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The World Tarot: Meaning of the Most Beautiful Card of All

The World Tarot

The World in the Tarot is card number 21, the last of the Major Arcana. This card represents the total realization, the success of important goal, wishes realized. It represents the elixir of long life in the name of health and harmony and the crowning of aspirations, the realization of the secret desire by the observer.

This is a gift that comes from heaven (from the spiritual attitude) and is a precious treasure given to us to enrich our soul and our perspective on the world. The card represents the pilgrim who arrives at his destination after having endured many trials and sacrifices and tells us that everything we have learned, suffered or experienced will bear fruit in our lives, sometimes in a surprising and unexpected way. The Charter of the World suggests the success of a project because the forces of the universe are on its side (even evil is extinguished in good).

Furthermore, the female figure represented on the World is Life itself, around her there are the four evangelists symbolized by animals: The eagle is John, the bull is Luke, the lion represents Mark and the angel is Matthew.

The World in the Tarot Upright

The card of realization, of the new beginning to achieve our goals. This card tells us that we are on the way to happiness, and therefore we must face the trials we face with serenity.

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The World in the Tarot is a good sign of luck that sends us a precious gift (some say it is money, we say more often that it is the gift of knowledge) because it helps us to conclude our thoughts satisfactorily.

Meaning in Love:

The world card in the Tarot tells us about a love that is about to be born, indeed you can already feel it breathing in the air.

If Love is repaid it will mean that there will be a change of feelings, and we could say that we are in the presence of unlimited complicity, brotherhood of love, pure trust and simplicity. The heart beats in unison, and nothing can stand in the way of our desires but ourselves.

Meaning in the Work:

In the field of work, paper speaks to us of a new project that is about to be born, an opportunity to which we cannot say no.

The World in the Tarot in work is synonymous with success and success if approached decisively. Furthermore, the card refers to important financial transactions, even if the results are to be understood in the medium or long term. The card also suggests that you have excellent organizational skills!

Meaning in Money:

When the card represents money, it indicates incoming money but does not tell us how much we will be able to earn. We only know that we are ready to receive it because we deserve it and at the same time we must be willing to achieve something useful for others. We are also told that we must better plan our harvest and make it even more fruitful with the help of the Sun, thus obtaining wealth and abundance.

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The World in the Reverse Tarot

The World Tarot

When the card appears in reverse, it always speaks of successes achieved and money coming, but obtained in an ambiguous and not always ethical way. Despite this, however, everything will have a happy ending and there will be no consequences of certain attitudes. It can also be a stroke of luck. 

The World Tarot: Meaning in Love

The World card in the Reverse Tarot tells us that we will be able to achieve our goals after a long and difficult time, but above all it tells us to be patient and not to take anything for granted.

Meaning in the work:

In work, we can make important changes, even radical ones. The paper warns us that certain projects that seem to be useful in the long run could cause us damage.

Meaning in money:

When the Money card is reversed it tells us that the bad times are over and only good fortunes await us, however we should not make hasty decisions or change our plans because everything will improve with time.

Final Thoughts:

The World in the Tarot tells us to keep walking with courage, enthusiasm, and patience because good things are about to happen. The World also suggests that the best is coming, but at the same time warns us to keep being careful.