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The Hermit Tarot: Meaning

The Hermit Tarot

The Hermit in the Tarot is the ninth card of the Major Arcana and represents the introspective journey of life. The card represents an elderly man with a stick in one hand and holding an oil lamp in the other. He walks bent over, as the meaning of a walk through life and through all the experiences it has brought him. This man has found wisdom and serenity, he walks confidently but alone, confident that his strength will bring him back safely home when his journey is over. This card, like all the cards of the Major Arcana, is not about what happens, but about how you react. The Hermit Card represents your inner voice, your drive to success, and the lessons’ life has taught you.

The lesson of this card is to seek wisdom and knowledge, but don’t let your search for information make you intellectually closed. Do not lose touch with the world and with those who live there. This card also represents spiritual development and introspection.

It is therefore a card with a very beautiful meaning and that really has a lot to say, both when it comes straight and upside down.

The Hermit in the Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

As mentioned in the previous lines, this card indicates a real period of introspection, loneliness, and a journey towards the new version of the consulted. A much better version. The Hermit like this brings a secret, an intuition, or wisdom that will bring his improvement and above all his happiness.

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This lonely character is not, however, detached from the outside world; it is just the opposite. He knows that to get out of this path between introspection and materiality he must cross it, but how? Accepting some compromises, taking one step at a time and without getting caught up in a hurry. She knows that it is a phase and that, as such, it will be temporary.

Meaning in Love:

In the couple relationship, the card brings new perspectives and a certain optimism. With the help of one’s positive feelings, one will be able to defeat fears and to grasp all the signals that the union can give us for the good of the same.

Meaning in the Work:

With the Hermit on the upright, the need to take a break to rest and recharge is emphasized. Not everything should be done in a day, but every choice will have to be weighed. In addition, we must distinguish between reality and fantasy and remember that to obtain a result, it takes commitment and a lot of perseverance.

The Hermit in the Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

The Hermit Inverted Tarot

When the Hermit’s card comes out in an inverted position, it indicates that the person has become too introverted. This means that he is questioning many things, and this makes him feel confused. He will be tempted to stop in order to be able to think about what he wants to do in life, but the point is not to get stuck. The card could also give you much deeper advice, indicating that perhaps it is better to wait in case you have to make some particular decision. It’s not the right time yet, but that doesn’t mean it will never come!

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Meaning in Love:

There are many possibilities for change in your private life. Maybe you have finally decided to start dating some people, although it is not easy for you to adapt to this new situation. For some of you there may be some change in the project, you could start a new relationship or even go to live with someone you are dating recently.

Meaning in Work:

In the work, you may end up becoming more introverted than usual. In some cases it will not be easy to expose yourself with the people around you but try not to give up taking a few steps forward. You may feel the need to retreat a bit to reflect on what to do with your life, but it’s best that you stay in touch with the people around you.

In conclusion, this card means taking a break from the daily grind and reflecting on what is happening in your life. The Hermit will help you see things as they really are, not as you would like them to be. This is a powerful way to find new ideas or solutions. It could also indicate that this is the time to reach out and connect with the people around you.