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Five of Cups Tarot: Meaning

Five of Cups

The Five of Cups in the Tarot speaks of a moment of inner introspection, there is something that does not make you as happy as you would like. In this too agitated life, everything seems to go fast, and you can’t stop even for a moment to reflect on your happiness. Yet this was not always the case. Until recently you were happy with what you were doing, you lived for the little things. Every moment was intense and enchanted, as if each step made you closer to your goals. But something has changed, and the card tries to clarify just that.

Five of Tarot Cups: Meaning Upright

The Five of Cups card is telling you that you should treasure your experiences and take back your life. Let yourself be guided by your happiness and do not let something block you, complicated situations happen to everyone. You should not get caught up in frustration but act actively to solve everything, looking for solutions rather than crying over yourself.

Meaning in Love

It indicates that even if you have an ongoing relationship, it is not said that your partner is really happy. The card also suggests that you pay attention to the person you’re starting to date. You need to make sure he’s not acting ambiguously towards you and look deeply for his behaviours. Maybe there are problems to deal with, but you can’t find out if you don’t try to talk to him sincerely and openly.

Five of Tarot Cups: Meaning in Work

In professional jobs, this card tells you that if you want to achieve more results in your career, you cannot postpone your improvement. You are smart, and you cope well with the tasks assigned to you. But you need to do more to improve your skills and make the most of your potential.

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Meaning in Money

By achieving your professional goals, you will be able to increase your earnings. The card also suggests that you need to relax a bit, you have worked tirelessly, and you deserve a break. Treat yourself to a trip or treat yourself to some pastimes to recharge your batteries and come back even more focused and responsive than before. Get ready to start again and reap all the fruits of your efforts.

Five of Tarot Cups: Meaning on the Reverse

Five of Inverted Tarot Cups

Fortunately, the Five of Cups when it comes out backwards is a very positive card. It indicates that problems are receding and that your happiness is near. At this point you just have to learn to relax and not get caught up in the frenzy. Worries are diminishing and your relationships improve generating serenity and spiritual richness. You will be able to find hope and beauty in small things, without thinking that you have to get everything right away. The card also suggests that you don’t worry too much if something goes wrong. You must try to reflect and understand how to deal with it, before the problem is too big to solve it.

Meaning in Love:

The Five of Cups when it comes out backwards is telling you that maybe you are a little too worried and do not see the state of affairs as they really are. You should not underestimate your abilities, but try to use your energy to achieve success. In a few months the difficulties may be behind you, and you will finally be free from all worries. You just have to learn not to get caught up in abstractions, but to focus on objectivity. Also, in this case the card is signalling you that perhaps you need to relax and devote more time to yourself, so you need to learn how to give the right rhythm to things to avoid stress and problems.

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Meaning on Work and Money:

When it comes out backwards in this area, it indicates that in the immediate future you will have to deal with changes. A new figure will emerge in an environment that for some time has been quiet and without twists and turns, as well as your love life. Try not to get too caught up in anxiety and remember that your life is changing. At this point, you just have to learn to wait to understand how and when certain things will happen. You have to commit and dedicate yourself with commitment to your new work situation, which will be much more rewarding than the previous one.