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Page of Cups: Tarot Meaning

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups in the Tarot of Marseille talks about a lucky moment, an innovation or a new idea. You may have asked for a consultation regarding your sentimental or work future, the card indicates that the chances of success are excellent. However, he also advises relying on the judgment of others and to keep in mind that not everything is as perfect as it seems.

Meaning to the Upright

The Card of the Page of Cups in the Tarot speaks of new ideas, and in some ways is also a bit reminiscent of the Card of the Fool. It is telling you that your instinct is right about the future you will face, and that you should listen to it. However, even the Page of Cups tells you that you will not be able to understand your future by following only and exclusively your intuitions or looking only at positive things. You have to rely on the help of others, but above all you have to listen to their advice. You may notice different aspects that you had not yet considered. Surely everything that will happen, however, will have a good success.

The card also talks about a beautiful loving future, perhaps you feel ready to start a family, get married and have children. In addition, there is also talk of great job and professional satisfaction. You ultimately need changes, to innovate something of your model or your life. Maybe you feel tired and can’t go on as you are now, you need to recharge, bringing your life and interests back in the right direction: lose weight, change jobs, enrol in a course etc… For this reason, the Page of Cups is warning you! Maybe you realized that your ideas are brilliant, and now you want to put them into practice. Even if you don’t know where these ideas of yours will lead, surely it will be something good and positive.

Meaning in Love:

The card of the Page of Cups in the reading of Love speaks of a new wave of love. In fact, it is something that has just begun, it could mean that there is a person you are dating and despite feeling comfortable with him, but perhaps you are not yet ready to admit it publicly. It could also be the return of an ex. You may receive a phone call from that person you have long wanted. It is important, however, not to be too hasty in this case, since the card suggests relying on others and not on your own decisions.

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The card also speaks of a new love, someone who may be much younger or mature than you. Many out-of-the-ordinary events could happen and things will go well if you only listen to the wisdom of others.

Meaning in the Work:

The Page of Cups communicates the arrival of positive news regarding your activities. In reality, it is still something in its infancy and marks a positive start to what you are carrying out. It can also mean a change in the work environment, perhaps connected to your existing business: someone may need your help in achieving their goal.

Page of Cups in the Tarot: Meaning to the Reversed Side

Page of Cups

If the card appears inverted, it indicates a moment of deep blockage. You can’t make your dreams come true, projects may be stuck, or maybe you’re having problems in your relationship. You should try to recharge yourself, through a trip or a relaxing break, to remove all the accumulated tensions and regain motivation. Also in this case it will be important not to be influenced only by your opinion or by what others think, but to follow your instincts.

There may be unmotivated anger, envy, and dissatisfaction. Potentially, your partner doesn’t seem to understand your needs or the role you’d like to take on within the relationship. You must try to put yourself in his shoes and think the best for everyone, also because an unresolved conflict can seriously compromise your personal success and that of your relationship. The same goes for work, maybe there is a job position that you want, but you can’t get because of a deep misunderstanding with your colleagues or your boss.

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Page of Cups: Meaning in Love

If the card appears reversed in a couple reading, it means that you have come into contact with the right person, but your thoughts and the way you behave do not help you to live it serenely. You have to stop blocking yourself and follow your heart. You will meet interesting people, perhaps the right one for you! It could also indicate a bond you’re trying to improve. Possibly there are some misunderstandings, you will have to invest a little more time in the relationship to solve them.

Meaning at Work:

If the card appears reversed in your work area, it means that there is something wrong with your employment relationship. Colleagues may have become rude and unreasonable, with an unprofessional attitude towards you. It may also be that your boss or your superiors have different theories from yours, perhaps they must learn to respect you better because your skills are really valid. In short, a difficult period that you will have to overcome as soon as possible, but following your dreams and your ideas.