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Two of Swords Tarot: Meaning

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords in the Tarot is the real representation of the use of reason to manage the problems that surround you.

This card symbolizes the awareness, to win in fact you have to react with determination, using the head and not pure force. The Two of Swords therefore expresses a union between thought and action and invites you to understand that if you want to unlock the difficulties around you you must act with lucidity and not let yourself be carried away by anger or impulsiveness.

The Two of Swords in Love is about a relationship that is losing momentum, and is strongly influenced by external events. You have to make sure that love holds, strengthening the bond between you and putting the feelings in the couple first. If you notice that there are unpleasant situations within the couple, do not get caught up in anger and personal attacks but reflect to find a shared solution.

Two of Tarot Swords: Meaning Upright

The paper upright speaks of a situation of sadness, an emotional block that generates a sense of helplessness. Do not lose focus and think about how to solve the situation, trying to be as objective as possible.

The feeling of sadness you feel does not let you use your head, hindering you and preventing you from acting. Do not get caught up in despair because you are able to solve problems even on your own with time and reflection.

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Meaning in Love:

In love, it means a union that is about to break, important changes in habits within the couple but also emotional renewal in the affective sphere. Remove fears and look ahead, you need to understand the opportunity to find new lifeblood.

Meaning at Work:

The paper upright represents a block of work that hinders your work, not allowing you to perform the tasks effectively. You need to understand how to remove these difficulties in order to be able to carry out and complete your tasks.

Do not think about the work and difficulties you encounter, focus on how to improve your skills and the skills you have acquired so far. Changes are an element that should not be underestimated, as they could lead you to greater understanding and knowledge.

Two of Tarot Swords: Meaning on the Reverse

Two of Inverted Tarot Swords

On the reverse side, the card indicates discomfort and problems that hinder you in your work. Someone could take advantage of you, it could be a boss who wants to use you or make your life difficult. But even of a friend who takes advantage of your benevolence and goodness, you must absolutely look at this person and keep him as far away from you as possible.

In love, a conflictual relationship that generates disasters within the couple. You have to deal with your fears or anger, trying to solve the situation without insulting or attacking. You will find yourself in a really very confused and troubled period, in which facts could be attributed to your person that you have not committed. Do not be intimidated and always remember that you are a serious, honest and correct person.

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Meaning in Love:

Emotional dependence. In love this is a very indecisive and confused period, you can feel frustrated and insecure about the situation you find yourself living with the person you love: you are increasingly tormented by uncertainty and doubt.

There will be a very strong overlap of feelings that will lead to a drop in your emotional energies, if you can not cope with the negative energy that I have around your person, you may experience abnormal reactions with those close to you. In addition, in this period you will have to be very careful not to be overwhelmed by anger that could otherwise affect your work and private life.

Meaning at Work:

The card indicates the discomfort and problems that hinder you in the profession: someone could take advantage of you, both at work and privately. Do not be mocked by those who exaggerate with your generosity, otherwise you will lose credibility. In the workplace the period is really difficult, you will find obstacles and difficulties despite your good will. You need to think carefully before making decisions, because you may find yourself uncomfortable and you will not know how to get out of it. In this period it is possible that you have to deal with an unreliable friend, it may be the case to distance yourself. Think more about yourself.