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Five of Swords Tarot: Meaning

Five of Swords

The Five of Swords card in the Tarot is the bearer of bad news, discord, and injustice. You may experience very painful, heartfelt and heated quarrels. Old wounds or injustices that have made you suffer in the past may reignite. The clash with other people could become very harsh, and the words could be harsh and severe. Don’t think they can’t hurt you, because it could turn out to be much more violent than you can imagine. So be careful if the Five of Swords appears directly in your future.

It leads you to reflect on your life, your choices, and your decisions. It could be a kind of revisitation that will concern your personality and your more or less obvious defects. Evaluate what you have done so far and compare yourself with this vision. A new point of view can be very important for you, but also very painful. Perhaps, a new vision of your existence will envelop you.

Do not exclude anything and above all, do not make hasty decisions in the face of this tarot. The Five of Swords has reached out to you to tell you that maybe something is boiling in the pot and could burst very soon. What you are doing should lead you to a clarification with yourself, to a real and deep confrontation with your self.

Five of Swords: Meaning Upright

The Five of Swords reminds you that there is a dark side to you and you may need the strength to fight it. Do not make war on yourself but work on understanding your evil and admit it and then defeat it. Do not try to deny it, but accept reality and begin to face it with courage.

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This card suggests that you do not act hastily or irrationally that could lead you to situations that are very difficult to manage. Think about your choices and even if they become drastic, perhaps it’s time to make a decision.

Meaning in Love:

The Five of Swords in the Tarot warns you that there is some bad news in love in store and you should be very cautious with what you are going to do. Someone may turn out to be a dangerous enemy, and you should avoid trusting too much.

Meaning in the Work:

The Five of Swords card warns you that the work may become heavier than usual and the fatigue may be unbearable. In this period it will be necessary to make a considerable effort, both physically and mentally, in order to achieve your goals.

Five of Swords: Meaning on the Reverse

Five of Tarot Swords Reversed

The Five of Swords in the Tarot warns you that something in you has changed, and perhaps you should reflect on it without being influenced by other people or hastily. It should be a complex process, very long and difficult to do but also indispensable for your inner discovery. The wait could prove to be hard, in fact this card indicates to let go of too intense quarrels and devote yourself to something better, perhaps lay down the axe of war and lean towards something much more constructive for yourself.

Meaning in Love:

It warns you that someone has decided to punish you, and it does not seem worth engaging in a clash. Keep away people who want to hurt you or who do not consider you as they should, and surround yourself only by those who really appreciate you.

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Meaning in the Work:

The Five of Swords warns you that you should make a decision in order to achieve your personal happiness. Don’t let things go their own way and act independently without depending on others or unpleasant situations.